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@Jennifer Ronna - So you are that isolated that you really cannot see the Right to be Lazy, and its proper balance against the practical necessity to keep the planetary resources for the future? Don't take it too personal though, it may well be a typical symptom of a deficit nation with most of its currency circulating outside of itself.
@GringoTex - Obviously the author is unaware of the turning point in German-Chinese relations. The current export boom is the result of a stability guarantee for the euro decided upon by the yuan economy in the context of the political fallout of the Dubai hotel incident (hence the suspect was only released recently). Due to this Rainer Brüderle currently is enjoying a free ride into economic wonderland, with such neat attractions as worshipping a Magic Quadrangle in a Chinese temple in a business school in Oestrich-Winkel waiting for his future minder to show up and instruct him what to do when the next bubble which we cannot afford to burst is threatening to do just that. And listening to the useless aircraft noise until he is ripe for a vacation. It is really that tiresome - rational arguments have been worked out against unsustainable technologies, but these people try to continue to behave as if the law of cause and effect was not for them.
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Broken link fix: Ein Besuch in den USA...
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@Jennifer Ronna - It is cynical since it implies if you take away the welfare then the people would be liberated. But in reality, liberty requires taking away the government bureaucracy and making the welfare reliable. These ill-indended programs deform the taking of welfare into a job like any other which puts you at the whims of a boss (and transforms the welfare bureaucrat into a caricature of a businessman) who can kick you into homelessness and all the rest of it. On the other hand, if you work on the basis of a welfare flatrate, your boss doesn't have that existential power over you, because in case of an unexpected loss of your additional income you always have the possibility to use your welfare for yourself rather than pass it on as a donation for the sake of a public issue of your choice. So what I am trying to convince you of is not to settle for some small semblance of liberty only because some other perspective seems worse, but to permanently raise your expectations to the purpose of markets and governments. And the people - there is no obscurity as to "what they really need" - to make their own decisions, instead of someone, and be it out of such paradox motivations as a cultivated resentment against any creeping withdrawal of sovereignty, framing them for them. Hence the question answered by the proposal is how can technologies such as market and government be modified to properly serve that purpose? [meta] @Ray - Have you thought about enforcing your stated comment policy against link whores recently? The commercial bots bumping your threads as we write appear like a deliberate spoofing attack against any culture of reliable debate among human users. [/meta]
@George Murphy - This may indeed be less CO2-intensive than hiking the Governor Sanford trail, but I am quite sure if I was a woman on a park bench that wouldn´t matter to me.
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@Jennifer Ronna - I do not believe it, since saying that what you needed most was a job is, at least in this place, to put it in your metaphors, the very first bureaucratic hoop you are required to jump through. Hence people say it even if what they really need most is time for doing what they do for free, or to take a sabbatical, or whatever that should be no matter of interest to any form of government. Although cynical, the metaphor of the "welfare plantation" is not so far off, as interviewing the slave workers on a plantation in the presence of their overseers over their needs would probably produce likewise reliable results resp. lack thereof. Economic self-reliancy might be an ideal worth trying, but if I was in a situation to keep house entirely independent from the worlds markets I probably wouldn't get involved into blog debates on the internet. And once the market is part of the picuture, the government is as well, so reclaiming the birthright against both sides of the coin is only logical. My impression is that the shoe pinches elsewhere: Everything that government hands out, it has to take somewhere. Even with qualitative tax reform, when the money comes from energy taxation it comes with a CO2 budget. On the other hand the unconditional basic income is the most likely demographic instrument to produce an exit strategy from the current energy crisis other than snowballing plantations.
Apropos professional standards - it turns out in this case the British in fact have the better arguments - the money quote: The imperative to maximise economic growth, jobs and productivity is paramount for decision-makers. We live in a political culture in which it is difficult for anyone to question the efficiency of these arguments even where the costs generated in other areas are high. A motivating factor in choosing to undertake this analysis was the way in which governments have repeatedly talked about the economic benefits of airport expansion. However, the official appraisal conducted by DfT failed to even examine the potential impact of the new runway on jobs and productivity or to explore what the detrimental effects not building it would be. Meanwhile in Germany, Frau Merkel remains in the Babylonian captivity of the lobbyist greenwashers who put together the Kyoto fraud, wasting her scarce budget for an airport expansion which only generates further cost for removal and renaturation.
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@svetov - Your speculation that the email burglary happened without the involvement of any hostile government might be wrong, and if so we all fail badly. My speculation that we cannot leave AGW to those beyond our lifetime might be wrong, and if so we all succeed slower. On the other hand, if you are right we win nothing, but if I am right we win everything. A decision tree of this kind does not require transcendental associations to find the best choice.
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@ Jennifer Ronna - If you see government as something you might add to your life, then you are an exception both historically and numerically. For most people in the world, government is something that has been there before their life was added to it. They know it has always abused humanity as long as anyone can remember and think an appropriate compensation for that was the precondition (to continue) to allow it a right to exist. They do not see individual handouts as alms to be taken with humility but as their rightful share in what government has deprived them of (which is why even in poor countries there is no poor government). I understand that the exceptional circumstances of having a life before having a government make it easier to see that government as just another technology, as opposed to a parasite which requires to be removed before any other choices.
Dealing with AGW deniers requires to take into account that the German language has no word for something that absurd. Skepticism is not quite the appropriate term, since it is loaded by other, more well-known forms of denial coming under the same euphemism to pursue the interests of the Arab throne. When the Saudis adopted the talking points of the AGW deniers in Copenhagen, this was not the first instance of denial of something they chose to follow. So caution against the temptation of moral equivalence is well advised. As the WSJ notes correctly, the FRA/LHR row is not just some conflict along the political aisle but a schism between mainland conservatives and island conservatives. For some reason the latter seem to realize quicker that development is all about saturation. At some point a country is fully developed, and to continue growth will result in its destruction. In the first mentioned perspective however space appears to be unlimited, so who cares if airport expansion goes on until it requires to pave the ECB? Pharmacy sales per capita are going through the roof! The key to the resolution of the kerfuffle is qualitative tax reform. Instead of just reassessing the amounts of taxation, taxes which create the wrong incentives need to be replaced with such ones that create the right incentives. Merkels unilateral proposal of a locusts tax has just been an opener to this debate, an airline tax is a much better idea to raise the same money with more desirable economic effects. Or more precisely an end to the global tax break for aviation, which currently subsidises the business so much that it can seduce ailing export nations to accumulate the infrastructure as a sort of feeding tube meant to prolong a failed business model.
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Have I mentioned that all these unbalanced business models must adapt, lest be rolled up by bigger players? For all its known disadvantages, one advantage which proliferating one's products certainly has over proliferating one's currency is the smaller psychological complexity of the complaint management. Complaints will be simple technical assertions over things that don't work the way they should, rather than questionable rantings over intransparent monetary powers that work in ways they shouldn't. This makes it much easier for a culture to treat money is just another technology, as opposed to an object of worship.
Indeed the ambition to roll back the sink-or-swim society is differently anchored in the two related cultures. This reflects the fact that a preference to become independent from a failed system will make it make less likely to want to change it, though not necessarily to repeat its mistakes. Nevertheless a deficit nation cannot just twist itself into an export nation or vice versa, nor is this desirable. Instead each of these unbalanced business models have to adapt to the reality that the riches of the Earth were better to be justly distributed among humanity at an individual level than spilled into the oceans.
Is it? What kind thereof? Any military hegemony is kept in check by the Taliban. Any political hegemony is kept in check by the Saudis. Any financial hegemony is kept in check by Bejing. The moral hegemony as is well-known is Europe´s job. So what kind of hegemony would that be? The pillow-into-your-face variety of all things? A surveillance hegemony? As in DMV?
Now it turns out that Germany is not just a spectator but a listener as well: KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Nighttime and early morning flights at Ramstein and Spangdahlem air bases in Germany will noticeably increase over the next seven months as the military ferries additional troops and equipment to Afghanistan, U.S. Air Force officials said Friday. The bases’ airfields are typically less busy at night, with quiet hours enforced except for emergency or mission-essential flights. But starting next week and continuing until August, more large aircraft will be taking off and landing seven days a week, including during the base’s normal ‘quiet hours’ between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Flights usually are limited on Sundays and German holidays. The aircraft missions are tied to the 30,000-U.S. troop buildup in Afghanistan announced by President Barack Obama in December, Air Force officials said. About half the additional airlift missions will go through Ramstein and Spangdahlem, said Aaron Schoenfeld, an 86th Airlift Wing spokesman at Ramstein. On average, Ramstein will see an additional eight flights per night, and Spangdahlem four, Schoenfeld said. Have you forgotten that the mental health of the neighbourhood of the hospital is a decisive factor in a conflict against an enemy which exploits every and any insanity it can find on this side? It seems odd that it might not have been noticed by allied observers that the political debate in this country over the public mental health risks of scheduled nightflights all comes down to integrity. Hence an increase in military nightflights might enable those politicans who treat the issue of civilian nightflights like a belief they can change in to actually get away with their culture of treachery. Sensitivity at this point can be learned e.g. from one´s own experience with treacherous governors. Is it possible to route those transports without depriving civilian neighbourhoods of their necessary sleep? There should be enough desert between Germany and Afghanistan for that.
To put things into perspective, in the part of Germany where this blogger spent his time the American military presence is the main economic factor. These dependencies have prevented necessary change and generated proxy conflicts. Unfortunately his blog does not reveal whether he listened to the advice of the daughter of the exiled DDR dissident and took the nuclear sharing with him.
Pamela, IATA agrees to that, they even see a similiar tendency in the U. S. As to the Karzai government, there is not much wiggle room left within its core competency contradiction between pretending a Chinese drug policy and pretending Western liberty.
The diplomatic triangulation has made way for a government of ecological insolvency. As to the apocalypse, when the uncertainity as to whether it might be closer than expected is growing more than desired, the best thing to do is find a scheme which distributes resources which are meant to last until it is there justly over the remaining time, whatever its duration may be.
This gives an example why growing trees around places of worship is actually beneficial. But there is a downside: Even though there seem to be no incentives which can make this kid become a suicide bomber, there seem to be strong incentives for the Taliban to continue recruiting even when potential volunteers are not convinced, actually stronger ones than any fiscal incentive the Karsai government could provide. Could it be the risk tax they collect for protecting the black markets?
Every movement based on precipitous hierarchies will be interested in members whom its ideology bans from the top of the pyramid, since in any infighting those in that place are less likely to lose it to them than to equal rivals. Ghaddafi´s Praetorian Guard would be an example. This does not only apply to Islamic hierarchies but has been researched about Nazi women as well.
Frau Merkel is just making her first big time mistake in the new term: If a new government is formed without bringing the Green party to the table, it is going to use Hermes covers to enable the Siemens/Rosatom consortium to sell Bushehr-style reactors to anyone, strategically undermining its own position in the negotiations over the nuclear program of Persia. (details in German)
@Suzanne - Merkel is an insolvence administrator of a morally bankrupt party, and so is Obama. They both come from ghost town constituencies. They both are confronted with the aftermath of Saudi corruption in their own parties. My impression is that Obamas heart beats for the corner of the world it obviously would be. We probably agree that Africa in its current state is better off with the Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly than with with a share in the residual term of the Security Council. Obama has listened long enough to those sermons not to be shaken by the gibberish any more. You can make the thought experiment how an United Nations translator would perform on his longtime pastor. He has produced a consistent drumbeat that our Southern neighbour will need to undergo tremendous change to survive, and so does Europe in its own way. What we are seeing now is that he is accomplishing his chance, so skeptics, agnostics and rescuers please stand on the sidelines and get ready for failure and success.
@ LC Mamapajamas What busted the Steinmeier campaign was President Obamas decision to suspend terrestrial missile defense. The now emerging government should have a clear idea what it means if he were to fail: Islamic missiles being pointed at us. The interest of Germany at this point is that the other party be prepared to respond to such a situation God beware rather than wallow in Obama Derangement Syndrome.
This cartoon was printed in the ad journal which is distributed freely in Frau Merkel´s electoral district carrying her campaign ads on the front page. For your analysis and debate: Ein Besuch in den USA...
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