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"A kid" Not, Acid "two" Not, Tow "Endorses" not endres…See i know how to be an You Know How to be a Writer?
Tim Kelly , you are a Moron.."Too Be Fair"???? Your team loses six seasons ago and you are teasing a Kid (Bullying in Public) and You Say "To Be Fair" When I was acid I went Hungry a few times because My dad was too sick to work..So i guess Now I should go taunt a homeless person with a steak? Dude why would you write something like that..Votto's team lost fair and square and he now has the right "To Be Fair" and torment, embarrass and disappoint tow innocent kids in public..based on the "no Bullying or taunting" wave that is being preached in this country I hope that the MLB slaps Votto with a fine and or suspension, and makes him apologize publicly to those kids…. Which is worse Votto's Actions or you trying to justify them? My 11,000 members of my local social group will be advised not to read "Philliedelphia" Because their editor endres bullying of two kids by an adult .."to be Fair"!
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Oct 31, 2010