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Hi - I really like the idea of planting two new trees. Who knows that the remaining grand oak might not be lost in a storm in the near future, too. Benches are nice, but to keep in mind it encourages people to traipse through the crops during growing season and might get in the way of harvesting, which might annoy the farmer. -Ona
Thanks, Nicole. I haven't had much time for this blog lately, so it's fun to post something kind of wild and so unusual. I'll make sure is on the blogroll, too - I always enjoy it!
I do believe you are right, Natalie! Don't know why I didn't name it in the original post. It is one of the variations of Appaloosa people are least likely to recognize, because they are expecting spots. It's one of my favorite colors, actually. I've heard it called Varnish, Varnish Roan and even Marble!
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Hi Annie - sure I will. I'll email them to you, since they aren't as interesting or attractive as the fronts. Give me a day or two... :)
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Thanks, Chris! I had half a mind to ask the farrier for some more old shoes. But I think I'll wait til winter when I have more time stuck in the house.
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Wow, love the new search. It actually FIND THINGS!!! Thank you! And the results look so nice! I was frustrated with Lijit and Google.
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Connie - I forwarded your comment and email address to Erica, so she can reply to you if she wishes.
That's an interesting suggestion. There are a whole lot of gray Percherons, but also a lot of black ones (many of the show ring hitches in the US use all black Percherons). But if I'm going to make that argument maybe I should remove the Kladruber, because it comes in black and gray also. I'm of two minds about the Lippizan, too, because if I recall the "rare" colors are somewhat more common in Hungary, for example, than Austria. I've seen a herd with a black Lippizan and a couple of bays. So they aren't "flukes" like a chestnut Friesian. What do you think? Then I can do a post about horses that only come in two colors. :D On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:44 PM, wrote:
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