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A young wordsmith living outside the Box
Interests: Jellyfish, Praying Mantises, Manga, Anime, Writing, Reading, Creating, Art, Fractals, Animals, Nature, Spirits,
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I agree with you. Regardless of when or if the world may end, to live every day to its fullest is what life is all about. It took me a while to come to terms with the reality that destiny is not preset in stone, but something we must struggle to carve out for ourselves, and therefore sitting around and waiting for life to play itself out is not the way it works. It is for the sake of those suffering without hope that I wish a quick end to this world, but I have many things I wish to do in the future, and for it to end in 2012 is something that, for myself, I wish wouldnt happen. Its just something well only know the answer to on the 22nd of December 2012. Until then, living for and in the present is the best we can do, because maybe the Mayans just got sick of calculating their calender and said screw it, no onell probably get worked up over something that came from a culture that sacrifices people by the dozens because our gods have a blood fetish. XD
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I'm taking the first step towards the new life I'm determined to make for myself. A haircut is not so simple a thing as it may seem. Continue reading
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A terrible encounter on a wonderful day. Continue reading
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An introduction to the person that is myself, Reina, the Girl Apart. Continue reading
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For the first time I express in words my fear that my dreams of That Place are more than nightmares. Continue reading
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Posted Feb 4, 2010 at Musings of a Girl Apart
Slept late. Better write a lot, today.. Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2010 at Musings of a Girl Apart
So much to do today! @_@ Writing.. drawing.. shower.. take a walk.. Hau~... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2010 at Musings of a Girl Apart
Just saw Avatar! The most wonderful movie ever! Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at Musings of a Girl Apart
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