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Have you noticed that boys simply don't know how to gab the way that we do? Girls are simply special in this area. We want to know about each other, to offer makeup and clothing advice, to hear about what you ate yesterday and more. Guys think that this is gossipy, shallow and silly - but it's really not. It's our way to connect and to share our feelings with each other. So, come along and get into the gab with me. My goal is to help you to feel great about yourself. Let's talk about those Kymaro Body Shapers and see if you wear them too. I want to hear about your latest exercise routine and which video tape you just bought to get into shape. Here's a great tip of the day. Find three different exercise routines that you enjoy and rotate them throughout the week. This will keep you from getting bored with exercise. Also, try to balance cardio with weight training, so that you are exercising and using all of your different body parts. It's time to gab together - you'll be amazed by how much we learn as we go! Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2010 at Girl Gab
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Mar 4, 2010