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I am impressed with the veggies! How I wish my 3 year old picky eater would try frozen peas. As a side daughter, who's 6, has always been a fabulous eater. We attributed this to our wonderful parenting and due to the fact that we exposed her to lots of different foods. (bwahahahaha). Our smugness was short-lived when our son came along. He is your typical picky 3 year old who has his own list of foods that he will eat/not eat. I'm sure lots of parents have similar stories, but I am fascinated by what other parents of young children are feeding their kids. Mostly I'm hoping to get some good & innovative ideas.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2007 on Max's Lunch at Foodmomiac
Hi! I'm finally coming out of lurkdom to post something here. I had read your post yesterday, and with that fresh in my mind, I saw this in todays NYTimes. You've probably seen it already, but it does talk about the pressure that "foodies" face when entertaining or cooking. I don't get the sense that you fall into this trap, as the article talks about, but it's still interesting.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2007 on Rainbows and Fritattas at Foodmomiac