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We teachers need to start accepting that we are no longer simply the deliverers of information to our students. Why is it such a challenge to accept that teachers can learn from students too? Teachers don't need to know more than students do for learning to occur. We need to be able facilitate the process of learning for our students and the content will come, and it will be richer, deeper, and retention will be life-long, not just until the test.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2009 on Never going to happen? at Dangerously Irrelevant
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We need to keep perspective and be open to the possibilities. Often the possibilities out weigh the negatives, but the negatives seem so strong they still get the attention. There are many things in our society that can be intrusive, overwhelming, fractured, addictive, isolating, and be out of context. Insert: CNN, Fox News, ESPN, magazines, etc. We accept these as mainstream, but in reality they can be just as much a *problem* as we've labeled new social media and other emerging technologies that are impacting our culture.
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Dec 12, 2009