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Oh, praise whatever God anyone believes in; Ryan finally after 12 years acknowledged his douchiness. For the brief time he was with Gillian, and a little bit with Kendall, I liked him. I haven't hated having him onscreen, but having watched AMC since the beginning, he sure did get an awful lot of screen time. I, too, was having little weeping moments, but because I was also helping hubby with his work assignment, I had to keep rewinding, so I essentially watched many scenes twice (twice the weeping). I also made a decision to do the "keep forever" option for the last ten broadcast episodes. That "Kenlee" exchange was brilliant and of course it was LB and AN acknowledging the fact that Erica can't be called Grandma. I have always liked them together, whether they have hated each other (c'mon, how great were they in the bridal shop beating each other up?) or loved each other (too many instances to note here). Did like the KWAK/Liza scenes, too. Jamie Luner is not Marcy Walker, but she does do her best to try to make Liza something. Probably one of the worst casting choices ever, because she makes it look like Angie, Jesse and Tad went to school with Doogie Howser, but it is what it is. I was glad to see her reconnect with Colby - that was getting really old. I, too, love Daniel Cosgrove - I hope he ends up (if not on PP AMC) in a really good primetime show that lasts for a really long time, shall we say, 41 years?
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UPDATE: Wow, just heard the worst news... Looks like Susan has turned down Prospect Park's offer to stay with the show when it migrates online. She'd asked for fewer hours and a primetime series deal; they couldn't come through. Now I'm not having as much faith in them as they did say a few weeks back that they wanted AMC actors in all of their shows!! How they cannot lure and keep the one actor that makes this show a legacy is beyond me.
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I love, love, love LaLucci! That being said; please do not get me wrong here. I loved the book; it opened doors of Susan's we'd never seen inside. However, does anyone remember her appearance on "The Talk"? She said two very contradicting things. Unless I'm crazy, she said that the network had done all they could; she also said the fans are what keeps them going. Honestly it seemed to me like she felt she was being cross examined and also I felt that it was edited to come across in a certain way - like you shouldn't know how she really feels. I have this sickening feeling The View appearance is going to be similar and she won't really be able to say anything negative about Frons, especially if he is sitting there!! I don't like to watch The View because they all squawk at each other. Their best moments have come from controversy, like when Rosie O'Donnell and Elizaass Hasselannoying had their fight over the war. The other thing I keep thinking about is that even while Prospect Park has licensed the rights to the show, ABC still ends up making money on the deal if it works. I have faith in PP and have been watching the developments closely. But back to LaLucci - I just want her to come through for the fans and tell the truth.
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@M: That's sweet!! Really, he was there for the beginning of Greenleo and he watched the horrible waterfall scenes with me then. That he's completely okay with me having a total crush on Josh Duhamel is a plus, too.
I honestly can't remember whether I squealed or not; I can say that I was weeping like a baby the entire time they were on screen together. Several times, I got up for a tissue, only needing more. At the end of the episode, I had to get up and wash my face. At this point, my husband came home from work, was upset that I was sad, until he realized why. What he said made watching the episode all the more worth it, "I'm gonna need to see that, too. Hope you saved it.". Mind you all, he doesn't normally watch the show, but knows my love for it and loves that it is part of me.
I'm more of an AMC fan, but did happen to catch OLTL the other day when Echo was trying to soothe Rex. Can someone please explain why when everyone else says "Gigi", Echo says "Zhee Zhee" as if she is from Paris (France, not Texas)? Just wondering.
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It was abundantly clear at the Daytime Emmy's that Ron Moss had done something to his face. I don't watch B&B, but my husband, who knows RM as the guy from the band Player said, "Isn't that the "Baby Come Back" guy? What the heck happened to him?"
"Do you know how badly I wanted Jesse to respond with, "No, because that's the most fucking asinine thing I've ever heard"?! But he didn't. He totally came around to Sherlock Douche's half-assed and meandering reasoning!" OMG, Mallory, I couldn't have said it better. I was so mad at Jesse for leaving Angie to go to Ryan. I had to rewind to see what call from the Police Station could be more important than discussing your wife's decision to restore her sight? Granted, it all ties David in to the stories, however, as we've all mentioned before, he can't possibly be responsible for everything that happens in Pine Valley. Mayor Blanco could seriously have his ass fired for using time and money on Ryan and his nutty theories. As for Colby, I had to totally fast forward through that... what are they thinking when they could have filled that time with real storylines? Did they run out of DK/DS bull and are waiting till Monday to air Agnes and Lorraine's stuff? I honestly cannot wait to see what airs then. Will it be a complete change from the drivel that's been on recently. I am slowly trying to go through withdrawal from my program knowing it is over in almost less than 3 months. This way, I won't have to mourn so much when it is really over. I'm gonna hate it if it gets really good now. Then I'll really have to go through the stages of my soap-ending grief for real.
Pratt didn't care about characters because he didn't care about the fans. He cared about his own bottom line and Frons cleared the way for him to write crap. Simply that. Crap. I count the day I heard he was fired (and obviously not by Frons) as a victorious day in my life. I'm still in denial that the show is going off the air and I am thoroughly enjoying Susan Lucci's turn as Jane Campbell - she is hitting every note in the way she makes her completely clueless, but that she has studied the real Erica enough to come back from all the mistakes she makes. She will slip up soon (hopefully) and Jerica will be back together for real. There are too many things happening around her people that make it seem weird (yelling at Opal like she didn't know her, not responding to Caleb when he called her Dorothy, et al). My hope is that the rumor of NBC and Sony taking AMC and OLTL (which I don't watch, but hate that it, too is being cancelled) will really come true and the Agnes and Lorraine can bring the show back to its true form.
Thanks, Mallory for this: (Jumping away from him like he was on fire, or diseased, or Brian Frons) That was gold, pure gold! I haven't seen the episode, since I feel like avoiding watching it will make it stay on longer. @Ron: I was jumping out of my skin when I read the Hoover news last night and I have already emailed Mr. Kirkendall ( - I want and need more advertisers to follow suit; my family has made fun of me for feeling bad about this whole thing, but when corporations are stepping up and honoring viewers when networks don't, I can't feel crazy for being sad about losing AMC.
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I've been going to all the sites to see the comments; at, by the time I got there, there were over 2,000 comments, mostly slamming the decision. Here's what I added: Having watched All My Children from the beginning when I was 5 years old with my mother and grandmother, this news is hard to digest. What saddens me the most is the inane comments from ABC; how their market research shows that viewers want to watch something ridiculous like "The Chew" and "The Revolution" in place of their beloved soaps. I know I will never watch these shows; what does the Food Network and the Cooking Channel exist for? Plus, where is this market research published? That would be quite telling. I can tell you that I am a poster on many soap blogs, and not one person who loves AMC or OLTL has said they would rather watch either of these stupid shows, which I can guarantee will tank in the ratings. If the internet is so big now, why aren't the networks taking into consideration the people who watch online? Also, they never used the numbers from Soap Net, the other network they are tanking in favor of Children's programming (like there's not enough of that out there already). This is a (to quote from Vivien in "Pretty Woman"), "BIG Mistake, HUGE!". I'm not sure I can boycott ABC, but I can tell you that if I watch any of their shows now, it will be online ONLY. I wouldn't waste my time giving them ratings (I'm too huge a fan of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice). At least I have five months to take in that Erica, Jack, Kendall, sometimes Greenlee, Scott, Madison, JR and most of all Tad (the incomparable Michael E. Knight) will be off my screen in September. Oh, and ABC, what happens to all the crew you have working for you - have a forced retirement package in place for them? They are the ones that help the actors bring these beloved characters to life - put that in your annoying hat and smoke it! Obiviously, this saddens me beyond belief and I'm glad we have some time to get used to it (honestly, I may never). Please, please, please bring back the icons (David Canary, Julia Barr, Cady McClain). I'm really hoping that Lorraine Broderick will be able to do the end of our soap justice - I don't really believe in happily ever after, however, it would be nice to know that she has good plans for them all... My perfect ending? Greenlee and Leo (or David), Jack and Erica, Bianca happy with someone other than Marissa (hoo boy - that one is dumb), Kendall finding out Zach is alive, Ryan just hanging, JR with not Marissa - oy, I can't even think...
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on All My...Sadness. And Anger. at Serial Drama
Emma is wonderful not only because she hates Greenlee, but because she was able to slip out unnoticed while Greenlee and Bianca were outside, but looking into the apartment through a glass door... Oh, and she called a cab? That's fantastic... I wish that when I was her age, I had the wherewithal to do all that (it would never have happened because mom was checking on us like every 3 minutes). I was glad that Greenlee got a little backbone back, because recently that has been severely lacking; I'm sure Emma will still test her (I hope she does), but the kid needs to know some boundaries (or not, so she can end up like her mother and entertain us).
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I have to say that I tried my best to avoid watching any of this past week's episodes. Yesterday, I was so bored with other inane things in my life, that I decided to just plow through them. I'd intermittently watched Monday and Tuesday, not really seeing all of it and knowing the inevitable baby scenes were coming, I turned it off and went to Idol (why I'm watching that is a question I need to answer myself). When I did finally sit down and Angie's labor became to hard for her to bear, I found myself turning away. My husband came in the room and wondered if there was something wrong with my neck. I told him it was paining me to see this all happen, but I gave in and watched. All the while, I knew this was the most horrible thing they could do to Jangie, but I focused on these two wonderful actors and stayed with it to see what they'd do with the horrible material. They brought it, plain and simple... am I still bothered that Brot gave Jesse a boxed baby? Yup. Can I believe that Jesse gave his wife said baby and gave Brot his deceased daughter to bury? Nope. Am I appeased by the fact that Jesse wants to investigate the earring attached to alive baby's blanket and fingerprints on the unsigned mother's note? Nope. I'm hoping that whatever DK/DS wrote to follow this up is erased and that Lorraine can fix it. I also hope that she has not accepted this position to wrap up the show. She is the only one who is able to 'try bizarre things like "drawing on history" and "writing true to character"', so I hope that continues for as long as it can. Did need to silently chuckle at your observation that Griffin saves lives. This, if I were not at work, would have made me laugh out loud: "* Cara: Griff -- he saved Kendall's life. * Kendall: Is there anything you wouldn't do to save lives? * Kendall: You are a globetrotting doctor who saves lives. * Kendall: You've pulled people out of trenches. You save lives. On the bright side, at least the actors don't have to learn many lines..." Thanks for your astute recaps and opinions - I love them!
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on As Subtle As a Sledgehammer at Serial Drama
@LoriK: No offense taken; I let said cousin know my feelings about that. I do have to say that I cannot jump ship to OLTL; to me, the only good thing on that show is Tuc Watkins and he's on only sporadically. I will never, ever go to GH. When everyone in High School was so enthralled with Luke and Laura, I refused to jump on that wagon. I ended up watching their wedding when home sick from school and it cemented my decision to never watch, ever. As for AMC and this horrible upcoming storyline: I don't think I can fully abandon the show, but I can do what I've done in the past - not watch the things that I think are dumb, i.e. the middle and end of the Proteus story, anytime Ryan is painted as a hero (oh, wait, that's every day) et al... I am loving Tad and Cara together; I would like to see Jake and Amanda last a little bit longer - how funny is it that they all keep telling Tad that he has to commit to Cara for 3 years, but no other marriages on soaps can ever last that long, save for Joe and Ruth and Haley and Mateo... I am totally missing Annie already; she was so much fun to watch. I'm hoping Emma hates Greenlee for longer than 3 days and I hope Madison stands her ground and keeps Ryan out of her baby's life. I am so glad Daniel Cosgrove is back because he breathes life into the most boring dialogue and I hope that he doesn't become like a Frankie and fade into the woodwork after a few months. How the writer's cannot see that the actor that plays Frankie can actually act instead of having him just berate people for sort of not being nice to Madison and drive cross country to pick up his very pregnant mother (oops, we're getting to that storyline again)...
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2011 on Putting On A Happy Face. For Now. at Serial Drama
I. Can't. Even. I read the very same spoiler yesterday, and like Ron, I have watched from the very beginning (ok, there were gaps in college and when I had no cable, but I've watched and loved). Until right now. All the crazy storylines, i.e. Erica/Bear, Brooke/Mother is Drug Dealer, Unabortion, Dixie/poisoned pancakes, The Real Greenlee comeback (twice)... Why Angie and Jesse? And why us viewers - how can they have us live through them being later in life parents only to kill the child? Why are you making such a beloved character, who is a doctor, believe that this stolen child is hers? When will Jesse stop being so complicit in crimes that no real cop would ever do (I know there are corrupt cops, but c'mon). I tweeted this morning that this can make me stop watching altogether - maybe I can just fast forward through these scenes... I keep saying that I wish Lorraine Broderick would take the Head Writer position - the line-up they have now seems to just cancel each other out - DK/DS write, LB fixes their mistakes, and Esensten/Brown screw it up again? There is no continuity, people seem to have jet packs on their backs (unseen) and can get from place to place in mere seconds, scenes make no sense because sometimes it seems they play out of order (Jake and Cara arrive to work in the morning; next scene it is JR and Amanda at night, then back to the middle of the day with Ricky and Kendall...) My family wants me to stop watching, a cousin has stopped totally and has gone over to GH - I may need to take the suggestion unless something can be done - I actually would rather it be cancelled (can't believe I'm saying that) than to watch the crazy drivel day after day. Someone, please bring the Real AMC back!
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The only reason I watch this now is for Alicia Minshew; I want this to get some ratings so she can continue to keep us wanting to watch. After being hooked on this for the entire run of the show (even when I couldn't watch with no VCR and my mother and grandmother kept me abreast of everything), this is when we should be watching and hopefully, they won't dispose of David and somehow we will get back to what is SOAP. If they can continue to have moments like this, like it should be every single day it airs, then I'll stay - otherwise, I will have to follow AM to what her next endeavor will be and I'm pretty sure these performances will help her get there. She, for me, is the only Kendall I'll remember (SMG didn't ever do it for me - she was way too young at the time and really green in her acting) - anyway, my point is clear - I love this show and I hope the writers can see their way clear to keeping at this level and it continues to get better - if not, they've lost me...
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I just really hope that Sarah Glendening can interpret what the writers are trying to do for Marissa better than BA... this Marissa, while her intentions are truly ridiculous, since she is the pot calling the kettle black (she clearly doesn't remember her very recent tryst with Scott, but maybe they locked the door)... BA only comes off as mean and annoying
While you find synonyms for hate and rage, I've gone straight to my thesaurus to look up some for heinous: monstrous, atrocious, odious (love that one), terrible, dreadful, scandalous (perfect for a soap), wicked, evil... all these would apply if Madison does indeed debase herself, and we all know it is inevitable... I like R & G separately, but together - ewww... as for Denise Vasi, oh, I don't know what to say - she's been on too long already to not have gleaned some acting ability from everyone else...
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Sep 22, 2010
Thankfully, I wasn't the only one grossed out by Frandi's hospital bed sex. Not sure why, but when it happens on Grey's Anatomy, I seem to be okay with it, but that's probably because it isn't in a hospital bed The only thing worse than Denise Vasi's acting (er, robotics) is Cornelius' (last name?) over acting. Also, I'm not sure if anyone else notices this, but it seems that Jesse and Frankie can only kiss their wives when they first bend slightly at the knees. That has been driving me totally crazy.
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Vicki from Small Wonder? I nearly fell off my chair! Such an obscure, yet hilarious reference...
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Aug 29, 2010