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a. How did I miss your post about women in church? Amending that NOW. b. I simply MUST get myself a copy of Jesus Feminist. It kills me to have not read it yet. c. Looking for The Thirteenth Tale at my library now. Well. After I read your women post. d. Congratulations on one year of this carnival! I'm so thankful you host it!! e. Your new dishes are beautiful. They remind me of the Grace & Gratitude line with Blessings Unlimited (now Mary & Martha), the home party division of DaySpring. They're more blue than green, but heavy and gorgeous. Crap. Now I want new dishes.
I bought this book a few months ago...and still haven't read it with my daughter. I actually bought and borrowed a whole stack of stranger danger and good touch/bad touch books. We read most of them, but this one has stayed on the shelf for now. Thanks for the kick in the pants to read - and discuss - it with her. It's important, even if it's scary.
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So, SO cool, Robin! I love that you shared with us - and I'm even more happy that you got to go experience this for yourself!!!
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Haha, I love your thorough answer! I'm not usually "up" on a lot of contemporary adult novels, so I just wasn't sure if our countries were the reason I didn't recognize your titles or my usual ignorance. you just add the Jennie Allen book? Of course I've heard of that one, but I swear it wasn't in the picture last night?! (Or I'm crazy. ALWAYS a possibility.) I like that theme song...though I really want to rip that hat off the singer's head. See? CRAZY. ;)
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Yay! for linking up with Leigh!! :) So...potentially dumb question. I realize that I'm not familiar with your TV shows because the US and Australia have different TV shows. But I'm wondering if your books are also specifically Australian? (And...yeah...I should just Google it. I know. Don't hate me.) Going to watch that theme song now...!
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Okay. I took the pledge! And I have definitely been guilty of this, more than once, in the past. It's so stupid, though. And I go BALLISTIC when my truckdriver husband admits to doing it - so why is it okay for me? (Um, it's NOT.)
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Yes, Offspring sounds so good! Your description makes me think of Hart of Dixie, which I love. Also? You have a show called PUBERTY Blues? Does that seem weird to people? Because it seems like such a weird title. Am I crazy here???
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Fiona, thats great! And even though I live half my life online, I still love getting mail, too. :) Mary Carver Blog:Giving Up on Perfect Write for:(in)courageandBlissfully Domestic Twitter:@givingupperfect To:
Thanks, Holley. Its funny. Ive been switching my blog over to WordPress, and as Ive looked back through my old posts, I see the same theme over and over. The cool part is, though, that God has used my stumbling blocks to help other people! (And its kind of nice to know Im not the only one with these hang-ups!) Love you! Hope youre having a great day! Mary Mary Carver Blog:Giving Up on Perfect Write for:(in)courageandBlissfully Domestic Twitter:@givingupperfect To:
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Robin, this is awesome! I'm just linked up to my old About Me page for now. Will try to write a more fun (and updated - yikes!) post this afternoon!
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I can't wait to get this Veggie Tales for my daughter. She's only 2, but she'll be picking a lunch table before I know it. Thanks for the tip, Robin!
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Lindsey, you have no idea how convicting your words were to me! When I think back to planning my wedding, cheerful and gracious are two ways I would NOT be described! What a great reminder to treat our friends and family with care, with respect, with LOVE - no matter the circumstances. I tend to forget that building relationships is all part of the cathedral that God has planned for us. Thank you for the reminder. :) To:
Yes, I love the unexpectedness of it! I was just sure that lunch had been a waste of time - and now look what He did! :) To:
Great point, Fernando! Im thankful that my boss at work shares his vision with us and gets us excited about where our company is going - its a great example of what you just said! To:
I need that reminder every single day, Amy! ESPECIALLY when it comes to cleaning my house! :) To:
Priscilla, thank you so much for sharing your heart and your situation with us. Im so sorry to hear about your children. I pray you DO get to see them return to their First Love in this lifetime!!! To:
Well, thank YOU for the kind words, Lisa-Jo! Its funny how God can give us a good word even when we think we didnt learn a thing. :) To:
I think youre right. I have a faint memory of reading that story, too. Interesting that cathedrals can inspire us in so many ways!! To:
Sara, I understand what youre saying. But to me, the things you do are HUGE. To:
I forget it, too, Tricia. :) Thanks for reading and commenting! To:
Thanks, Chrissy! To:
The little things can get us down if we let them. And to be honest, Ive let them for a long time. Its funny how a cheesy (at the time) story at a boring (at the time) luncheon has spoken so strongly to me. To:
Please know, Rachel, that I was speaking to myself first. Self-control and commitment have NOT been words that describe me for a long while! To:
Wow! Thats an amazing story - thank you for sharing! To:
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I love your perspective on the bad days, Jennifer. Thats what I say about winter - without it, we wouldnt appreciate fall! (Or spring, but fall is MY favorite!) To:
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