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No secrets? We might have uncovered at least one: Loved the quote, the post, and the valuable discussion. Gradually growing my following myself, below the 10 followers/activity batting average, of course. Most of my "activities" are blogging (, tweeting (@givoly), and public speaking. I do not follow many, only the most interesting people I see. Contrary to the essence of this post and its subtitle, it does seem, however, that there is one "secret" trick to creating followership, and @4minuten employes it to great effect, and that is randomly following people (and unfollowing those that don't follow you back). Another related thing that I haven't seen discussed here is all these services to create / fabricate "real" followers. For instance, - allowing someone to "buy" fans. I'm actually wondering how different this is from the approach of @4minuten (it could be that they simply charge money to do this trick for you!). So this trick seems to be a secret employed by some. The question is whether this "community" of followers is then of any value? How can we compare the impact of this followership vs. "real" followership that is a result of "real work"?
Steve, A BHAG indeed! I've spent nearly 7 years trying to create such a culture within one corporation. Therefore, what you might need, pragmatically, in order to achieve your "new year resolution" is a similar "change agent" within each of the organizations you are trying to affect that is connected to your cause. These change agents would need to be passionate, empowered, and capable to drive such changes in their organization (whether they have support for these or not). If you start with ~500 such leaders, and you organize them properly, I think you'll have enough that would make it through to the end to meet your objective - of making this "real". I've signed up to the Google group - sounds like a worthy challenge. Tal
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Dec 26, 2010