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Here is the ABC's response to my complaint about this story. ABC News covers newsworthy events as they happen, including stories where not all facts are yet known. ABC News Breakfast featured a discussion with Sara James as part of a regular segment ‘American in Oz’ where some of the biggest stories in the United States are covered. The discussion included a number of ongoing events including the government shutdown and the footage being widely shared on social media about an incident at the Indigenous Peoples March/March for Life rally. At the time of the broadcast, the short clip had been widely shared, discussed and debated. While more footage of the incident became public subsequently it was not available at the time of the broadcast. ABC News often report on ongoing events and endeavour to report on them as accurately as possible with the information known at the time. For most stories new developments are also reported as they become evident, as was the case in this situation. It was made clear in the discussion that the interpretation of the event was based only on the short clip, the terminology used during the segment indicated to the audience that the facts were not yet definitively established, and the firsthand account was appropriately credited as being that of Nathan Philips. ABC News viewers would readily understand that in developing stories details and interpretations are likely to change as new facts come to light. As new information came to light about the incident, it was appropriately covered by ABC News including on ABC News Digital where the reports are still available:
The left has by-passed fact and evidence in their drive to socially condition society. In any debate with leftists you will soon find fact based arguments countered with rhetoric or generalized, vacuous slogans. Politicians are the driving force for this fantasyland. In any nation the only effective counter to this is a straight speaking leader who demolishes the stupidity with fact based common sense. Trump being the best and most obvious example. Australia needs the same with great urgency. Labor will usher in the same insanity here should they win a clear majority in the upcoming election. Thankfully, the high water mark of this social conditioning bigotry will have passed internationally and we will have many successful examples to follow to counter the coming attacks from the left. As Peterson suggests, our universities are turning out brainwashed socialist utopians. So this is a future issue that requires attention. My view is that universities are extremely vulnerable, having taken in hundreds of millions from overseas students, particularly Chinese students. Our current focus on Chinese infiltration into tech, politics and institutions has not really looked into education. Certainly it would be interesting to see whether our faculties of social sciences are being groomed by the Communist Party of China.
Luckily Bishop is still paying $3.50 to $1 so my depression about her ascent will be mitigated by a big cash payout...
Yup I said it here last week, sly cat Bishop stirs and foments crisis let's the boofheads go a few rounds then as it finally dawns on the party that in all liklihood...Tony will challenge and be PM again, Bishop feigns disinterest...feigns humourous indulgence...then as the party begs her...under great sufferance...she agrees to challenge. Why hasn't anyone cottoned on Bishop yet? She knifed Tony, set up Turnbull, slowly twisted the knife into his back...he didn't notice because he was preening and he is well cushioned by wealth.All the while feigning her complete diinterest in leadership. Julie Bishop, who represented Hardies against asbestos victims, heart of pure ice, THE worst outcome to this whole farcical punch and judy show that apparently Governs this country. We desperately need a Trump...Twiggy Forrest get's my vote. Turn the whole place upside down shake out the freeloaders and the Canberra swamp dwellers (Billabong mozzies?). Bishop as PM is just depressing.
Bishop waits in the wings, pulling strings, stirring the pot, remaining so very uninterested in the top gig. She knows the entire party will beg her to stand to stop Tony returning. Take that to the bank!
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Aug 20, 2018