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Well said and I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. The Duke was the embodiment of an American man's man- and off screen he was no less a man's man being a good family man and raising his children in a faithful and loving manner. It is important to note that the icons (or heroes) of our youth are often also the icons and heroes of our adulthood and that despite what some who have you believe, those people are image builders of the values that we strive to emulate. My father was a big fan of Rock Hudson and though he totally enjoyed the movies that the The Duke made, I think my father wanted to emulate Rock Hudson-- that was until one day years later in his life he read that Rock Hudson was a die-in-the-wool homosexual-- that revelation really impacted him badly. Another example of how believing in an icon or hero can be fraught with emotional, personal and belief perils if not tempered with a good dose of caution.
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The book to go along with your article, quite amuzing.
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Interesting metaphor, for a Navy guy; but, being Air Force i like the metaphor of being parked on the tarmac and waiting to get fueled up so that i can fly into the blue unleashed from the serly bonds below. Either way, its time to be courageous and moveout and do as the Lord challenges us.. Even if it is outside our comfort zone.
Sometimes one doesn't willing "haul the boat of the water," but rather is forced by circumstance to do so-- such as with the federal furlough. Not the particular time that one would chose to undertake an emotional, spiritual or mental rest and refitting, but since it is foisted upon those who receive it-- might as well find the blessings of that the opportunity presents :-)
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Though you are correct-- so much for the respect of the constitution by someone who professes to have been a constitutional scholar (the President): If the leadership of the congress caves on this, there won't be an Article 7, just like the 10th Amendment is, for all intents and purposes, vacated.
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Oct 9, 2013