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George Rebane
Naturalized Citizen, Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer and Systems Scientist formally trained in Physics, Complex Dynamic Systems, and Computer Science.
Interests: music, history, friends, community, science/cosmology, future of man, avid reader, camping/canoeing, and family, philosophy, politics, investing, flying, shooting
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George Rebane We’ve been on travel over the last couple of weeks, doing a ‘southeast’ tour that started in Washington DC and worked its way down the coast to Miami, and then up the gulf coast visiting friends along the... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Rebane's Ruminations
BillT 948am - Another great revelatory catch Mr Tozer. As many of us have long suspected in these pages, the CDC is now a co-opted political organization first, and a scientific organization only if their ‘science’ confirms the narrative of their political masters.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
BillT 1044am - Great find Mr Tozer - clear, concise, and complete.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
DonB 1056pm - The raw evil of the Dems is becoming more apparent every day - Marxist hell, they’re now becoming Stalinists.
re Gregory 742am - So what's the best guess until when the Dems pass legislation making the 'Internationale' a patriotically woke substitute for the white supremacist 'Star Spangled Banner'?
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Biden Says Its A ‘Patriotic Responsibility For God’s Sake’ For Two Vaccinated People To Wear Masks While Talking Indoors. Can some Biden voter please explain why this man does not qualify for the 25th Amendment?
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 442jpm - Is this your answer to my 112pm?
Re BillT 646am - Will any liberal admit that Biden is the biggest fraud as president, bigger than Obama? He told the biggest lie of the century (so far) of the 21st century in American politics - fooling the electorate that he was a moderate Democrat, and then showing his true colors as a socialist cum proto-communist during the first 100 days of his administration, and promising to do even more damage to the nation in the remainder of his term.
PaulE 155pm - The reference is from his 28apr21 appearance on Fox & Friends. Re the deficit during Trump’s term - we circled that barn a number of times to no avail. You give no indication in understanding the shares of the federal budget that goes for entitlements vs discretionary spending. The conversation is fruitless.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2021 on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 1056am - Raising wages of the lowest quartile at a higher rate than the highest (the rich) quartile. Bringing minority wage levels to their highest historical levels. Opposing all the new woke leftwing initiatives at cancellation, censoring, silencing, and racial resegregation - all the racial discrimination policies that are proposed and promoted by the Democrats, the Left, and their lame stream. And what do you think of the tsunami of virulent leftwing voicemails and tweets - e.g. “Uncle Tim”, “nigger”, ... - that were launched against Sen Tim Scott after his rebuttal to President Biden’s speech? Twitter left these online for eleven hours before removing the offensive epithets.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2021 on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 1005am - Paul, you will no doubt understand why half the country did not think much of the lie-ladened speech, especially its utter failure to serve any approach to unify the country. Re its failure to unify, recall it only takes one to tango when it comes to such assessments.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2021 on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 1140am - From all that’s been reported, we know that the FBI top management has been corrupt for quite a spell. Why do you think all of their investigations and filings are so one-sided?
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2021 on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
PaulE 1021am - Why do you think the FBI did none of that to Biden when he bragged on video of having one of their prosecutors fired who was investigating Hunter’s role on the Burisma board?
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2021 on Sandbox - 26apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
[Sparse postings are due to our being on travel now. We'll report on that later. Am still planning to compile a growing list of liberal/progressive public policies, initiatives, laws, regulations, taxes, tributes, fees, ... that should demonstrate to all but... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2021 at Rebane's Ruminations
RobertC 227pm - Given your criticisms, I was specifically asking you for your viewpoint. I don’t need to ask Republicans, nor am I ignorant of why the Democrats respond as they do
Efox 411pm - Shah mat! indeed. You've expanded the indictment to encompass attributes beyond the demonstrated right wing tenets that I requested. And you're right, of course, their indictment does encompass attributes regardless of tenets expressed or not.
BillT 945am - Quite right Mr Tozer, but our left-leaning neighbors can only learn from such revealing historical episodes if in their schooling they were also exposed to them. But alas, nothing in 'their history' teaches the contradictions and catastrophes of collectivism. That is one plausible explanation as to why they continue to come up with their hare-brained social policies, thinking that such have a chance of working, because in their carefully constructed worldview these have never been shown to fail. And all those deficits arise from their total ignorance of elementary human nature - e.g. altruism über alles.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2021 on Sandbox - 10apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
George Rebane In a democracy it's never the minority, but always the lightly read majority that votes in the tyrant. “… scientific evidence supporting facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established.” So reports our NIH... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2021 at Rebane's Ruminations
RobertC 937am - OK Robert, can you list one or two tenets of my "far right ideology" with which Republicans disagree? Moreover, then why is my criticism an ongoing national concern/debate among Republicans as they compare their involvement and support to that evinced daily by Democrats?
BillT 833am - Perhaps a more accurate expression of this Great Divide is that a lot Americans would rather have their neighbors pay their way than pay their own way. And that is why they oppose the Great Divide.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2021 on Sandbox - 10apr21 at Rebane's Ruminations
George Rebane My original ‘Quo tendimus?’ piece (here) was published in the 20apr21 Union (here) retitled ‘Where exactly are we headed?’, I guess, to make it more accessible to the newspaper’s readership who are classed not capable of googling the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2021 at Rebane's Ruminations
scenes 834am - Good catch Mr scenes; another example of the Woke Revolution eating its own.
Efox 626am - We have come to the beginning of the end.
PL 1159am - Thanks much for that contribution. Gregory 1156am - Looking forward to an extended comment from you filling the holes you point out. I will then post and addendum to Rufo's essay that will point to your and PL's expansions. Thanks.
[CRT is the most putrid piece of anti-American pedagogy to infect our institutions in at least the last 100 years. Thanks to the Democratic Party, it is now rampant as it metastasizes the minds of our lightly read neighbors, products... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2021 at Rebane's Ruminations