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Genda Kinney
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Robert thank you and please share this - IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN So many I'm sure could have missed the truly heart felt message of Naderve 'Yeb' Sano, of Philippines climate negotiating team speaking - U.N. climate change plenary.
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Robert the link to Dharmaruci is great. Read these words there: "Neptune is that place where consciousness and matter merge, where it becomes obvious that you cannot separate human consciousness and the universe that consciousness is always trying to understand and describe." So fitting for me, Neptune has been transiting my 8th house forever, my 9th house cusp sits at 2 degrees of Pisces. Thank you for your work.....
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Robert, where do you live? I'm in Texas, lived five years in AZ, loved it. Can't tell you how often I think of friends, the arid landscpe and how it felt welcoming a long awaited rain. Here I live the unordinary life in an ordinary way - or is it the other way around... Thank you for sharing.......
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Nov 10, 2010