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James, Here's hoping you get this train back up and running. I miss the banter and would love to see the band get back together. Anyone else in?
BinM and Legion, Been too long!! Glad to be able to touch base with both of you. BinM, The Greece comparison maybe a little over the top but our current debt level is approaching 100% of our GDP. If I recall the figures correctly, Greece is currently at 127% of GDP. So economically, we are not there but we are quickly heading in that direction. To compound matters, we have reached the tipping point where 50% do not pay federal income taxes. That group is becoming more and more like the working class in Greece that is demanding more and more from a government that has less and less of an ability to afford those demands. That is my rationale for comparing us to Greece. Hope you check back in and would love to hear your thoughts! Legion, miss reading your stuff and hope to hear your perspective. That goes for Maddy too!
I have the NC as my home page and have just not bothered to change it to another site. Glad I am a procrastinator! What a telling statement. It is a reflection of the lack of personal responsibility that is infecting our society. The longer this trend continues, the less likely our country will be to pull out of it. We will shortly be at a tipping point where we will begin our decent into being Greece without any hope of turning.
I guess I was wrong. Maddypie, have at it. PS, don't be surprised when your wages and retirement shrink cuz we can't afford the government's exhorbitance. Sorry to point out the obvious.
Holy crap was that a great ad! Derek, I invite you to leave your dead end, unionized, public service job and join the rest of us on the band wagon of exceptionalism. Believe it or not, I think you have it in you to be exceptional. Maddypie, please try not to comment.
Derek, when can we expect your condemnation of BHO for his 2010 budget and all of the projected budgets for the remainder of his term? Each of which is projected to be 2-3X the largest deficit from 2000 to 2008. We have been consistent in our condemnatin of Bush for his spending. Do you have the intellectual integrity to do the right thing? Do You?
Huggy, just being wise as serpents and gentle as doves. That's in the Bible, by the way. D, your boy BHO gets full credit for the 9.6%. If I recall correctly, his plan was to prevent any number above 8.0%. So what happened? I'll answer for you. Incompentence and an understanding of how the economy works that rivals your lack of knowledge on the subject.
Okay, Derek. And in your imaginery world, the business owners do not react to the BHO health care bill because they either realize or suspect that their health care costs will sky-rocket. Cap and tax is looming on the horizon which will further rob their bottom line by making their utility costs sky-rocket. The banking industry is quietly hiding its huge losses that they have so far prevented from hitting their books. If this is forced to finally be acknowledged, it might be the final death knell that finally pushes everyone to realize that we are on the verge of another great depression. Is that the imaginary world we should be ignoring? And you expect employers to hire folks? Your youth and lack of experience in the private sector could not be more glaring. I swear, D, you could not be more ignorant of reality if you tried.
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Derek, you are apparently still struggling with your reading skills. If you look at the NYTimes graph or if you go back to page 18 of the report itself, the most important problem rated second is taxes. The third ranked problem is government regs and red tape. According to our small business owners, our government is behind many of the reasons our small businesses are struggling. If you hold BHO and his administration responsible for the lack of turn around in the economy, as I do, what more evidence do you need that our current government sucks and has no idea how to turn this bus around. Frank was right on the money and you are still a gnat. How sad is it that the article that you post to hammer a point actually makes the opposite point.
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Derek, inherent in your comment about the feedback loop is the assumption that CO2 is the cause of the warming. I am arguing that it is not. And you are wrong about all of the mechanisms being disproven. Quite the opposite. Most everything is still on the table. You have simply drank the Kool Aide and refuse to consider other alternatives that also have a foundation in science. Your head has been stuck in the sand so long you are starved for oxygen. Actually Chris, I somewhat agree with your last post. Where we diverge is that the man-made global warming camp is driven by the funding that is provided by political bodies. It becomes driven by political agendas rather than scientific agendas. That is the main reason there is so much acrimony over this issue. The researchers need the funding such that they toe the political meme rather than perform pure scientific research. The fix is in such that much of the "research" already has preconceived results. As someone who is in a scientific field and have performed research as well as reviewed research, I know first hand that science is not as pure as many assume it to be.
Sorry the last post was so long. As for the mechanism that Derek is demanding, Occams razor comes into play. The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. Water contains dissolved CO2. As the temperature increases, it cannot hold as much CO2 such that it releases CO2 to the atmosphere. As the the temp decreases, it re-dissolves CO2. Consider the amount of water that covers the surface of the earth. This simple phenomena explains why many of the trends show CO2 concentration lagging the temperature increases. If this is the accurate explanation, then the temperature actually causes the rise in CO2 rather than vice versa. If we could factor in all of the other variables that affect these two key variables, then we might have a model that describes the phenomena. But that is truly a daunting process and will not likely occur in our lifetime.
Chris, how can anyone debate with you? You post an article regarding global warming and in your next post you claim you don't want to participate in a global warming discussion? If you are willing to investigate, you will find that there are highly respected scientist who do not belive in man being behind the global warming trends. And their list is growing, not shrinking. I have adjusted my position from being convinced that global warming is not man made to remaining open minded that it is a possibility. I have had to do that to be consistent with my more strongly held view that global warming is not man made. Both views have scientific support. But neither has definitive scientific proof, as much as AGW scientist want to claim that they do. There are two issue that have me leaning to non-man made global warming. If the historical data is to be believed, the medieval warming was as warm as we are currently experiencing. There was no industry producing CO2 at the time. The second is that the contribution of man made CO2 to the overall green house gas mix, is far less than 1%. If scientists are honest, they need to include water vapor in their models. Many do not as they know that the impact of water vapor far exceeds CO2 both in concentration and in the ability to trap infrared rays. So if man reduces their level of CO2 output by 20%, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere will virtually not change. Derek, please continue to bury your head and ignore the science that is out there. You put your fingers in your ears and yell La-La-La-La. That is a political position and has nothing to do with science. Science should consider all evidence and keep refining it until there is consensus. AGW scientists control their data tightly and don't want scrutiny. That is the sign of people who are trying to hide something and not the way true scientists, who should be interested in getting to the accurate answer, should be acting. Sounds just like you, D.
Chris, I read the article and here is another article that explains why the ice core data is inherently inaccurate and produces artifically lower readings than those obtained from plants cells from the same geological time frame. This is a phenomena that has occurred before without any man-made cause during the medieval warming period and the temperature rise preceeded the rise in CO2. Remember, correlation does not equal causation. Do some research on the accuracy of some of the data that is currently used to develop the models and how high a percentage of the measurement points are now affected by urbanization and are producing artifically high temps. (They found thermometers with air conditioner condensing units blowing hot air on them.) This in turn lead to inaccurate modeling that Global Scientists use to show that global warming is going to destroy our world. And maybe you can answer the question for me that I always ask global warming religionists: What, exactly, is the optimum temperature that the earth should maintain itself at? How do we know warmer temperatures won't be better for crop growing along with the increased levels of CO2 which have also been shown to increase growth in plants. If you want more info on Global Warming and why I believe it is not attributable to man made causes, let's discuss. I like to think myself the resident expert.
PS to Chris - do you know what the word contradiction means? If not, go back and read your own posts. That should help.
James T, did Chris really call me that? I nodded off about halfway through that dreadful stream of semi-consciousness that I missed that. Chris, you have every right to think and believe what you want. You are completely wrong, but the Constitution grants you the freedom to be as wrong as you want to be. Way to go exercising that freedeom with gusto. Here, Here!!
Derek, Please show me the proof that fossil fuel consumption leads to global warming. While you are at it, show me the scientific study that shows the direct link between CO2 and temperture. You can't because it does not exist. Just a lot of models that seem to show some level of correlation but there is absolutely no proof of causation. If you want to deal with the green house gas issue, address the water vapor in the atmosphere which is multiples time more impactful as well as multiple times more prevelent in concentration. What is the ideal earth temperature? What if a warmer temp is more appropriate? More CO2 has been shown to lead to increased crop production. Maybe we want higher CO2 levels to address the world famine issues. Don't even go there, D.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2010 on Heckled! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Chris, your last post was all over the place and lacking in coherence. I hope we can agree that our religious beliefs should inform and affect our behavior. If they do not, I would not really consider them beliefs. They would just be nice thoughts. You stated, "You can only judge him on his words and his actions, his spirituality is not relevant here,". And that is exactly what we are doing. If we agree his religion should affect his behavior, then we can examine his behavior to see how the two match up. He has rarely attended church since he was sworn in. He is supportive of abortion on demand. He has stated he believes in a collective salvation as Joyce mentioned rather than the 2000 year old orthodox belief of individual salvation that almost all branches of Christianity espouse. And the timing of all of this Christianity talk is just too suspicious. That may be a very cynical attitude to have about his faith but he has earned that level of scrutiny based on the high level of politcs that play into everything else BHO has done. No one has stated that BHO is not entitled to believe what he wants to believe. Are you trying to quell our right to free speech in being critical of BHO? That's in the constitution too, you know. If he truly is a Christian, we are simply applying scripture that states that judgement begins in the house of the Lord. And equating our verbal judgement to witch burning? Dude. Come on.
James T, excellent observations - very well written. NSangoma, wow, where to start with you. Actaully, the existence of Jesus is very well documented in both Jewish and Roman documents. Sorry, you lost on that one. If BHO is as free as he wants to be and to be the type of Christian he wants to be, then I want to be a Muslim today, just because. Does that make me a Muslim? Jesus said in John that you will know we are his disciples by our love for each other. I'm not feeling BHO's love, quite frankly. The whole of Christianity recognizes what a Christian is and is not. James is simply applying the standard that has been around for, oh, about 2000 years. Now go away or do better.
Unfortunately, they already were hoodwinked and bamboozled...which is why you are currently the POTUS. The real question is have we learned our lesson? Car, (D)itch, screech, crash.
Dawn, I caught that too. Masters degree in communication? I'd ask for my money back.
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We still have a number of troops and a number of military bases in Germany. They have been there since WWII. Huh.
Pssssttt. James T! Is he gone yet? PS - praying all is well.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2010 on Daddy's Home! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Wow, d, I missed you!! Glad to see you back in the saddle. But you are starting to sound like puto. Muslims do want to kill us. Do you deny that? (cough) 9/11 (cough). And so pointing that fact out makes me a racist? Screw your head on straight and open your eyes to the truth. Conservative values run far deeper than skin color. And America is waking up to conservative principles which is making you upset. Frankly, that last post was rather weak. But it will do for now. Nice talking to you.
Puto, Keynsian economic theory is in the process of being shown to be completely incorrect. Many economists now believe that FDR's spending during the GReat Depression, caused the GD to be extended by 5-7 years longer that it would have if he would not have tinkered. The same will be found of BHO and his crew. Your thinking is correct to a point. There appears to some level of correlation of Gov spending to economic growth. But the key is always where that money goes. Low interest loans to small businesses would have been much more beneficial than the paybacks to his cronies that BHO has delivered on. I belive that is the main reason the stimulus has failed. That, and the fact that businesses are being conservative with their funds right now due to all of the other policies BHO and his crew have enacted. I, and many here actually agree with your accusation of Bush that he spent too much. Virtually all of the conservatives who post here have stated that. And many did so while he was still in office. We are consistent in our philosophy. But many of the policies that drove the real estate market collapse were originated by Democrats and include ACORN and the pressure they put on banks to issue toxic loans to folks who had no wherewithall to pay them back. BHO's spending has taken us to the point where we are about to lose our AAA bond rating. That is the beginnign of the end and indicates the point where he needs to stop. But it is much too late. And you still need to go. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL and LOL. Bleh.
James, you know I am a big proponent of having opposing voices active on this site. But with puto's post above, he has got to go. That was a complete waste of, well, the 10 seconds of my life that I spent realizing that it was not worth reading. We need a better class of liberal. Heaven help me but I really miss derek.
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