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As the quote in The Times article correctly points out, politically restricted staff are permitted to write articles on any topic in their own private time which are then published by Ken Livingstone, but they are not allowed to publish any written or artistic work of which he is the author (or one of the authors) and which it appears to be intended to affect public support for a political party. Nor is the politically restricted staff member allowed to canvass or publicly call for support for a particular person.
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With regard to the reports from certain newspapers which you have linked to, it should be pointed out that he Greater London Authority does not politically vet potential or existing employees, nor carry records regarding their political views, and it would indeed be unlawful and a breach of employment and human rights for it to do so. The only important, and lawful, criteria regarding the record of GLA staff is to be found in policies that have been successfully delivered. Mr Atma Singh was removed from his job in the GLA for failure to meet a request for assistance from the Mayor’s Office from the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Squad, for failure to inform the Mayor’s Office that such a request for assistance from the anti-terrorism police had been made, for failure to contact the Mayor’s Office during the terrorist attacks on London on 7 July and 21 July 2005, and further matters. Details of the work of the senior GLA staff, that have directly contributed to making London a more successful city, can be found here:
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