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Mike Lazarus (GL Computing)
Sydney, Australia
ACT! Evangelist and Rugby Union fanatic
Interests: blues music, social media, crm, rugby union, act!, social crm
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Nice post... but I'd like to add that this is actually a bigger issue. Social Media (esp Twitter) has let people contact celebs or others that they might choose that wouldn't have been possible previously. I see posts/tweets from random web people asking for one thing or another all the time. Now mostly, this is a great benefit to social networks and social media. BUT there are also many who: Haven't taken the first few steps to correspond with the person, introduce themselves and somehow engage their "target" Haven't taken the time to even read their "target's" previous posts or bio to see if they are open to those types of requests Provided any incentive - commercial, publicity or even (eg for a charity) personal satisfaction Actually get upset if turned down or (worse) ignored I do wonder if these people are like this in a face-to-face sales roll or on their first date? Or is it just the perceived anonymity that lends itself to these anti-social and rude methods? It's no different to some guy asking you on a date before even introducing himself or finding out if you're available and then throwing a tantrum when you inform him that you're happily married. Regards, Mike Lazarus