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"Liar, Lunatic or Lord" arguement: leaves out possibilities. Fiction? Myth? What if Jesus never lied but the Gospel writers did? As I told one annoying person, "I'm not saying Jesus is a liar, I'm saying the guy claiming to be Mathew a liar. After all, we already know it wasn't Mathew, and if he lied about his own name what else did he lie about?" In societies where Christianity is a major force, there is also a nasty, manipulative undertone of, "The President, most major elected officials, many of your friends, your boss and the next cop to stop you for speeding would probably all say, 'Lord,' so think verrrrrry carefully before you answer."
Cary B. and Michael Mock: Dog whistles, stereotypes, strawmen. Trifecta! They want America back They can't have America back Can't have it because that's what it never was They can't have America back Kit: Thanks for the link. I signed the pledge, and have been sharing some of the "It Gets Better" videos on Facebook. The one by Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns is especially touching.
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