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Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, England
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I read it and I'm not Russell, or Famous Rob.
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Mar 15, 2010
No mention of the 'excellent' ref! (Did you notice the family resemblence Mark?)
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You seem to have closed four divs but only opened two? I can't really work out what's happening here. I think I understand what you're doing to get a footer in right at the end of the page (if I'm right it's due the last item in the sidebar being almost the last element on the page, enabling you to squeeze this HTML in at the bottom) and I'm excited as I've always wanted a footer on my blog (without having to go to advanced templates). Ideally I'm aiming for this sort of thing:
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I've just completed setting up a fairly complex multi author blog - where my one proviso was no advanced templates (it's hard enough keeping track of everything as it is!). Here is my wish list, which basically grew out of this project. 1. Typelist grouping - Some typelists are only used on certain blogs but when you've got as many as I have that Typelist management page is a nightmare to navigate. 2. Per page typelist selection - Especially since you introduced the invaluable 'pages' it would be nice to say 'use these Typelists on this page'. 3. Per page layout selection - You might want an extra column on the front page for example. 4. Choose comment moderator - I have dozens of authors but I want all comment moderation to be done by me. I've had to hack it by creating custom email addresses for each author which all get directed to me. 5. Remove Permalink link at foot of posts without switching to advanced templates - I think I should be able to hide it in the CSS (display:none? something like that) but I guess there's one class for all the info in the footer, so it would hide it all. The permalink link seems a little redundant now that the post title is a permalink. I want to turn it off for aesthetic reasons. 6. A User Forum - This is the number one reason that I didn't use advanced templates. Lack of support from a group of other users. Hats off to John Unger, but why oh why can't SixApart host something?
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