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Fixed. Aaargh.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on Literary interlude at Some Came Running
For some reason my first comment hours ago did not post, or else we could have saved a lot of time and tetchy argument. Mike and I have hugged it out in the Twitterverse, but I should address what turned out to be something of a miscalculation here as well. I very deliberately only directly cited Bradshaw and Wells, and wanted to base the remainder of my observations concerning the Dargis assertion and its pushback on an impression drawn from a kind of aggregate. My point being, regardless of who ends up in "the right," when a female critic makes a complaint relative to the assertion of male privilege, the response does itself no favors if it gives the impression of being itself a form of an assertion of male privilege. My other point is that whether or not I or other males like it, responding "I'm not that guy" does not in and of itself solve the problem. History, I think, obliges us to work harder. Mike's point with respect to Manohla's assertion is that she hasn't proved it. And of course very few people, myself included (I can't stress that enough) haven't even seen the film in question. But even aggregates conceived in good faith are contrivances, and fallible, and while I didn't want to hit Mike with the "J'accuse" hammer it looks as if I did anyway. Which, aside from creating regrettable ruffled feathers, also distracts from what I wanted the larger point of the piece to be. I allow that I might have been better off keeping my powder dry (until fall, Jesus!) but the topic is one I give a lot of thought to (I hope that's evident) and I thought that if I took enough care I might be forgiven for jumping the gun. And except for the toes I directly stepped on, I didn't want to step on any toes, but I suppose that's impossible in this manifestation of our information age.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2013 on "Real" orgasms at Some Came Running
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May 30, 2013