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Maybe the problem is the value distribution chain itself. Maybe the way to break this out of the dominant publishing paradigm is to look at a consensus technology and distributed applications such as what is found in Hedera Hashgraph Unfortunately they have chosen to go with a non-open source tech model and as such have cut out independent authors and small publishers form accessing their technology and the opportunity to disintermediate the value chain. But it is still an indicator of future possibilities with cryptocurrency and the blockchain. If we look at the example of "radio" as a medium and the disintermediation that occurred with broadband and streaming, we may get insight into what may occur in ebook publishing. We still have over the air FCC-regulated broadcasting (traditional book publishing), but technology as allowed a variety of different business models such as Tunein, Apple Music/Radio, and Internet-streaming of stations and new channels to pop up. The difference is that independent publishing is largely ruled by Amazon and it is extremely difficult to get traction with large audiences through alternative distribution channels. The only way this may occur is through a completely separate schema through something like Hedera Hasgraph. But open source is critically important to open this up.
Joe, I sympathize with you on the dearth of baseball titles in Oyster's sports library. Sports is huge as we all know and we are passionate about our favorite sports; cycling is mine and I have a collection of cycling titles on the shelf and on my favorite mobile device. How about an "Over the Top" sports ebook subscription service that would aggregate and recommend sports titles, similar to Over the Top (OTT) video streaming services like Too niche? Or maybe it could be bundled with other similar services to reach an audience threshold? I want my Tour de France!
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Apr 8, 2015