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Patent Lawyer San Diego
What Sets Us Apart?Mr. Maliszewski uses his technical expertise and legal understanding to most effectively protect your intellectual property. Mr. Maliszewski has represented many inventors who are just getting started.Gerald has also practiced patent prosecution for large corporations. Whether you are a corporation or an individual inventor, we have a respect for your innovation and a sincere passion to help you succeed.Our first priority is to provide the highest level of quality and affordable legal services to our clients. Through vigorous patent prosecution The Law Office of Gerald Maliszewski provides their clients with a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace.The firm focuses on you, the client. Our goal is to build a close relationship with our clients, through individualized service starting with your initial consultation, to the successful prosecution of your patent. An initial consultation is always free of charge.Unlike other law firms, we do not utilize less experienced attorneys to assist in your patent prosecution. Mr. Maliszewski works closely with every client. He will be your point of contact throughout the prosecution of your patent.As a respected patent attorney Mr. Maliszewski stands ready to vigorously prosecute and defend your patent.
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Feb 1, 2016