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Minatsu, what a unique oppportunity you have before you with exploring market opportunities in your home country at a Boston area company. And congratulations on overcoming your fear of driving again. As you know I too commute to work each day but rely on the commuter rail to get me to and from the office. I will think of you as I pass the Andover stop each day. Andover is a wonderful commmunity with great restaurants. Hopefully you will be able to explore their quaint downtown area and eateries in the future. It is interesting how you have been able to combine your technical background with your marketing education in this role. I look forward to learning more about the company, projects and opportunities you are presented with. Best, Dean Heather Hewitt
Jason, what an exciting opportunity you have carved out for yourself at Raytheon with your consulting project. You have an opportunity to move out of your daily responsibilities, provide value to your company and pave the way for your future career goals. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience as a part-time student. The consulting project is on top of your full time work responsibilities. Please share your advice on how you are being successful at balancing your responsibilities. This may help some of your part-time classmates who will also be managing the process this summer as well. best, Dean Heather Hewitt
Nicole, what a spectacular image you have shared with all of us from Shanghai. Congratulations on identifying your project and starting to put your marketing skills to work. As you know our MBA students had an opportunity to visit Henkel during their May Global Travel Seminar with Prof. Zhu. It will be interesting for you to share your experiences with them when you return to Boston. You have made me envious of the Shanghainese cuisine-enjoy! We are looking forward to hearing from you again as your projects and experiences evolve. Best, Dean Heather Hewitt
Dan, what a wonderful picture you've painted for us in Beijing. The internship you secured is a challenging one which we know you will be very successful at doing. Suffolk University will be in Beijing and Shanghai at the QS MBA fairs in the fall. We hope to meet candidates from the area interested in joining us in Boston for their MBA or GMBA in the future. Although you aren't able to write about your company please share your cultural experience, travels and advice for students who might be interested in traveling or interning in Beijing in the future. As you know our students come from around the globe and this may connect many of them to their home country. Best, Dean Heather Hewitt
Dan, congratulations on successfully completing your trip to Glasgow. Your advice for starting the visa process early for the UK is very valuable to our students who might be interested in completing their internship there in the future. What an impressive structure and opportunities you have been provided already. Keep your blog posts coming so we can join you on your various journeys throughout the country and within the organization. Best, Dean Heather Hewitt
What a wonderful gem to share with us Paul. I did further research and there are ferries from Boston that leave on the weekends which allow families and individuals to participate in a guided or self guided tour. SSgA is providing you and the other interns with invaluable lessons on the job and outside their physical work environment. Please keep sharing your experiences with us. Dean Heather Hewitt