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Glossed Over
I have a million magazine subscriptions. My mail carrier hates me.
Interests: magazines, fashion, beauty, the sublime, absurdity, Allure, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Lucky, Shop Etc., Cosmopolitan, Self, InStyle, Bazaar, Anna Wintour, Kim France, Jane Pratt, the media, snark, humor, commentary, feminism, W, Allure, Brandon Holley, Andre Leon Talley, Plum Sykes, Marie Claire, pop culture, celebrities, publishing
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Nancy: Thank you! Jessa: RIGHT? Excellent point about Miranda, too--that unravels the entire first book! None of it made sense, all the characters were totally repulsive, and the only character who demonstrated any personal development at all was the baby. A while ago an acquaintance who works in publishing told me that if a writer's book is expected to sell well, the publishing house will probably not bother with any kind of editing. I have to assume that's what happened in this case, because it's pretty much the worst book ever. Mrs. M: Ooh, thanks for the tip! I will have to check that out! JFC: I didn't even notice that! My issue has about ten pages of ads between 472 and 504, but yes, it's marked 504. So, basically, the 902 pages line on the cover is a total lie. Viola: Vogue is really its own kind of monster. I mean, if you're running a fashion mag and you're totally unconcerned with what 99.8% of women could or would wear, wouldn't you make something a lot more lively than Vogue? And Luna says thanks!
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2013 on The Seventh Annual Vogue Liveblog at Glossed Over
Allison, yes! Because I would lose myself as a human being if I didn't do that. I should have a date scheduled soon.
Bibi, it's possible I'm getting progressively less entertaining. I'm on 758.
Oops! Sarah, you're right. My factoid was only for the September issues.
I don't see the issue with Taracuda's comment. She's a longtime reader here, and her remarks (in their entirety, not just the "phenomenal ass" part) read on-point to me. As for publishing the photo, there's a lot of magazine content that I quote or copy here that I find objectionable in some way. I don't endorse the photo, but this image in particular was so jarring to me that I didn't think my words would have the same impact as simply including it. Hence its appearance here. I see why you would find the image problematic, but I'd think it's pretty apparent I'm not in the business of attracting "internet pervs," or to be honest, many readers at all. In any case, there's little point in luring anyone to this blog under false pretenses--I don't even have ads.
SSS, for the record, I've written about race before. This post in particular is one of the most popular in the site's history. This blog has always been written from a (not the) feminist viewpoint. If you're uncomfortable with feminism or people calling themselves feminists, then I agree this probably isn't the blog for you.
Thanks, Veronica! You kept that exchange on track. (I'm updating the post now to reflect that, too.) Now if only I could find an excuse to bust out #DuchessofHats.
Thanks, everyone! ESC, I would love to meet up for a drink, Cosmo or not. Though Cosmo (the magazine) and alcohol does sound like a promising combination... Belinda, I totally hear what you're saying about the average family. There's so little in the glossies that acknowledges anyone with an average income--why should this be different? I think I just wanted a different perspective because in the last few year of recession, there have been so many articles about money being a major source of conflict in relationships.
Just to clarify: Halle Berry is the only African-American woman to appear on Vogue's September cover since Naomi Campbell in 1989. Jennifer Hudson and Michelle Obama appeared in other months. The distinction about the September cover was the point I was trying to make originally.
Thanks so much for the support, everyone. I truly appreciate it.
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Mar 15, 2010
Laura, the page says "Ladurée macaroons."