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There is far more to a domain name than just a catchy title that sounds pleasing to the ear and looks good on a business card. Of course, the general appeal of domain names is an important element of how they function, but it’s not all that they do. Choosing... Continue reading
Business web hosting may not sound like a lucrative industry to those who prefer high-profile projects or products that are assembled in high-tech factories. But business web hosting, in fact, is an area in which much money is made (and spent) on a regular basis. The first way that most... Continue reading
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Jul 26, 2010
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When you’re selecting a web hosting plan, it’s important to make sure you get enough disk space and bandwidth to help your site run properly. Not sure what these mean? Don’t worry. We’ll explain what you need to know, and how to ensure you’re getting a website hosting plan that... Continue reading
Understandably, deciding to start a website, and actually going through the process of creating that site, is an exciting and potentially overwhelming experience. There are so many different things to choose from. The first things people think about are what they want their site to say, what they want it... Continue reading
Web hosting is a hugely competitive market, with an endless supply of people who need new providers of web hosting. UK sites and sites based in many other places worldwide can be hosted at one of the many great UK web hosting service providers available. But what if you want... Continue reading
Choosing a domain name is one of the first, and most difficult, steps in getting a great new website created and operating. You will also need to choose UK web hosting from a web hosting service whose offerings match your needs. But before your website can go live, you’ll have... Continue reading
If you are new to web hosting, you might be forgiven for thinking that you need a diploma in computer science to figure the do’s and don’ts of this service. You might have also been confused by some web hosting companies with irrelevant technical jargon that then propose to charge... Continue reading
When it’s time to get a great website up and running, the first step is buying a domain name and following through with domain name registration. Cheap UK domain name registration is readily available, so as long as you know what you’re looking for in a domain registration company in... Continue reading
If you’re getting ready to start a new website, you’ve no doubt been exploring your various options for domain name registration and website hosting. Both involve fees in most cases, but one way to make the process more budget-friendly is by registering your domain through the same company you plan... Continue reading
Not only does a domain name help your potential customers find your business on the Internet, it could also define your business in a word or two. In fact, a good domain could well be your best asset. And in some cases, it could be the difference between success and... Continue reading
If you’re deciding to launch an online business, one important consideration that comes to mind is who to choose for hosting your website and delivering your emails. So how do you choose a reliable and affordable web hosting service provider that can cater for you online business requirements? Finding a... Continue reading
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Apr 23, 2010