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Jeffrey Glueck
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Thanks Auren, as I have long felt like the "supply and demand" aspect of stock PE ratios is under-appreciated. And there are so many "momentum" investors out there that pile on stocks as they go up, which is based on no more understanding of the business than recent reported results and market sentiment. Plus investors like me who have read for years that Index Funds outperform Mgd Funds essentially spread our Index Funds across any listed company, with no greater weighting to more promising companies (although weighted to market cap, which just reinforces momentum). A good friend who is one of the top Tech analysts does still believe in stocks, but only if you buy in during a crash, and never on the way up. You can't know when the "bottom has arrived," but I do think I'll keep a reserve over the next decade to buy in during corrections, even if only approximate. After all, have to diversify, can't all be in your own venture or real estate.
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Mar 27, 2012