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Test of new sign-in Catching up is impossible, but I’m trying😉 Hope all are well !
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2018 on When The Elephants Scuffle... at JustOneMinute
Curious ? Dangerous ? Historical times ! Old Lurker.....🙏 In hope ? ..may I please apply for space on your ledge? I'll be a good girl..promise 😉
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2017 on I Love A Mystery at JustOneMinute
It seems clear Trump is squeezing every scam-talking, high government bureaucrat willing to pad their personal wealth --ignoring the needs , values and traditions our Republic should uphold. The IC direct bad actions, financed again, by the US taxpayer--open borders, free range immigration supported by socialist policies= cheap slave labor worldwide. USA hardest hit, because, here they're more hobitzes than orcs ( that's for narciso😉). Deplete US strength economically, militarily, morally...our Allies lessen as they weaken. But the scam-skimmers of DC, whether superfluous staff like the Awan's, AA hires , Un-fire-able, even when proven criminal and illiterate, by The fundamental changes of Marxist, social policies. What good comes from excusing the idiots in control of their guaranteed failures. while the peasants accept the onerous burdens that always come with big brother government..? All people get tired of being regulated, stagnate under groupthink labels . No self-sufficient choice or right is guaranteed by a " agree or die" society controlled by propaganda (lying sponsored proliteriat press)! The left now is in the lie, cheat, obfuscate a free fair elected President mode ! The hate mobs are sent nationwide to rewrite history, instill fear and mistrust. The establishment of remora politicians swim with their sharks: lobbyists, left progressive non-thinkers, seen throughout the liberal university's blackmail-exclusionary of free speech systems! Their curriculum has become a breeding ground for lost ambitions. Creativity and courage. Now, Trump's language is the new "letter A, no L", the insiders want to hang on his neck and try to shame him to "act" like President "pick anyone of the last4, who all are responsible for the pig in North Korea, the killers in Iran and the "allowed for political gain" hoards of threatening mass illegal immigration, race-class, intelligence failures---they screwed FEMALL, /s The change (or return) Of a powerful military, middle class, economy, common sense , accountability America needs to lead, is the Trump agenda, not the chaos assaulting We the people through prior presidents. And the swamp is skeered--and right now, Trump is their boogieman. That, is hopeful and glorious, to me ...I feel like Duval's character in Apocalypse Now.."I love the smell of Napalm--er..TRUMP in the morning!"😂 Wish my fantastic original grandson a Happy 16th 🎉! He informed me at 8:00pm, last night..."Mammy, get ready, for tomorrow We party!" The pool is open at 4:00..I wish you all could join us 🎂🎈
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2017 on Write It And Weep at JustOneMinute
Really? So the "unmasking" expert, that willingly spies on political enemies and lies to the American people,(conveniently blaming a token Jew, as usual) coverup abandoning American patriots, to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood spring and another "I think I'm the greatest ..NOT" McCain being used by CIA to fund terrorists for donor$$ ...that Susan Rice..?? Who believes, or trusts this repeat of failing to recognize and eliminate America's enemies. North Korea, Russia, China, IRAN, ISIS all enhanced their power--raising dangerous and threatening situations, worldwide!! And the left progressive world is responsible. Not Trump .. The failure of The UN, State, trade policies, open border/unlimited immigration and the Senate or an accountable to the constitution DOJ , enabled the Mullahs and Kimmy-boy to spread--along with the race/class/religious bigotry they feed on--to divide us. Not Trump. The cabal seems to be desperate, knowing the old status-quo is gone as trustworthy to the people. Politicians like Clinton, Romney, McCain, Obama, will never ever win a free fair election--so, they are willing to lie, cheat, prosecute, blackmail--start wars, now?? No No No !!! The Failing NYTimes is calling Wendy Sherman to create another Dictator/Terrorist lottery , to allow every tyrant in the world nuclear weapons, and paid for by the US taxpayer--she's been doing it since the 1990's with Clinton, Inc., --I hear a lawyer named Comey is available to sell out Americans, if she & Rice & Yates& Power need assistance !! /s
Old do know I'm Texan, right ? ( a repentant Bush pioneer, too)!
Matt--I pray she recovers. The addict, no matter how much we try to " help", must admit they are powerless to their horrible disease.-and by faith, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, overcome their personal hell. 12 step programs after medical rehab do work. The path is hard, but worthy. Hope and love is always 🙏
What I surmise about the recent "oh my goodness, can you believe this?" ...climate crisis Trump is hiding.. /s ....McMaster is bad this week? /s ...Google has been outed as an example of the horrible groupthink leftists Promote in league w globalist killing American middle class --truth ...McConnell, and 99.9% of incumbent, establishment swamp-Congress are desperate to crush Trump because they cannot bribe, cajole, coverup their compliant fundamental change of big government they love !--??? Trump actually is working to replace the power of a representative republic BACK to the PEOPLE !!!!!--truth It's obvious, Reince was their go-to guy --and they're freaking "the party is over". Mitch--It was over when Trump won --adapt or diversify your ass out of DC !!!!
I meld each valued opinion, with known facts--history--resulting outcomes..and what I hope to the end, my first "instinct", (gut-feeling), usually is the correct one. Old Lurker, Jack, Clarice, rse, are the "inside--lived, experienced, experts" in how the powerful achieve a self-serving control--and the darkness of $$ turns some bad--some were always bad, and the good ones ( like them) get out --work to protect and want to help others. MM, RG, henry, daddy, jane--so many more here--are the experienced, quality "realists"....they know bad exists, have experienced it--but still believe in "best chance" , we, the accountable ..hope to have. Then you have the cynics, worriers, warriors, so sick and tired of being lied to and excluded from opportunity to thrive and live in peace--because of elite greedy sick groups and individuals that use their positions, whether by wealth, access, government service : to divide all of us into "labels", deciding our futures..(enslaving us) which never, ever ends well. Yes, the hoards of working class, abandoned to welfare--labor enforced job 1,2,3--always rise up and climb the castle walls ( gated communities), to squash their master's control. That's what I see Trump is trying to do, climb the wall for us---but I'm very aware he's got to be weakening from all the #*#^~!! being thrown at him. But, we must continue to support him, so we can get to the top of the wall, and crash the glass houses the Senators, the Bush's, the Clinton's, the media, the GPS Fusions, the Obama maoists live in !!! So, please keep doing what you do, JOM'ers. I ♥️ You all...well, most😉
Thanks, daddy !!! My Bella is so happy to meet her fellow canines !!
Test to see if my doogie pic shows up..
Please-quirls and cyclos of the blog--The premise of Harry is "The boy who lived" First Chapter, book I. Harry and Volde will fight to the death, with Snape helping with a time-turner in hand(Book III). It will go back to before Voldemort killed Harry's parents, so he will grow up without the tragedy and all us "muggles" none the wiser for it! (and an endless amount of new stories available)
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2007 on Harry Potter Divination at JustOneMinute
Testing--Yea! The third time was the charm-hey,I'm a grandmother not a computer whiz. I hope this controls the ferrets of the world--I enjoy this repartee and appreciate curious enlightened minds, not robots!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2007 on A Call For Senility On The Web at JustOneMinute