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Gerald Shields
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So what? C4C wasn't designed to reduce carbon, C4C was designed to take fuel-inefficient vehicles off the road. Moreover, who should give a darn about Goracle's comments? Nearly 8 months ago, folks like Goracle was defending Bush, now he's someone who destroyed the economy with the Democrats help? Folks like me was telling people like Goracle that Bush was leading us to hell, but they didn't listen and will continue to not listen. Sometimes you listen to the facts and sometimes you listen to Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity! The facts will always win! To address the comment that C4C should be focused on purchasing American cars: Almost all of the "foreign" cars bought under C4C was built in US based factories, anchored with American workers, so I say: How "American" is our American cars?
Michael Kirsch, M.D. you said: "I don't think that the public option is to 'keep the privates honest'; I think it is to eliminate them." And this is a bad thing? Let's face it: The HMOs were making a lot of money, but jilting a lot of folks out of their insurance. Not only should a public option should be around, but that public option should be single payer based.