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@Dave, same thing happened to me. I called up and they had me add a title to my instant queue on the website and delete it, and then my queue was back.
Probably needs a software update if its new releases Avega. You should call the manufacturer about it. Your player is fine it just needs updates to read the copy protection on newer titles.
I had problems watching DVDs from Netflix on my drive about a year ago. Then I started having problems with my drive reading any optical media whatsoever. Then I took the Macbook in to Apple and they replaced my drive and everything was fine.
You can't add DVDs to your queue from Netflix apps. You'd still have to go to the website. Not to mention the fact that "Netflix" is also a goofy spelling. The only reason we don't have problems with it now is that we're used to it.
Most of what I watch on Netflix is TV series. We've recently watched Twin Peaks, Mad Men, Arrested Development, and 30 Rock. We're also into high quality anime like Mushi Shi, Death Note, and most recently, Darker than Black. I very occasionally watch a movie on Netflix but my viewing habits are such that I want to watch the movie I want, so more often than not I get a movie craving and end up renting it from iTunes on my AppleTV. So as far as I'm concerned TV is where the value of Netflix streaming is, so I'd love to see them get more awesome TV shows like Breaking Bad (which they added just as we were finishing up the 2nd season on DVD!)
I kept my account the same since I get more than 4 DVDs at a time. The price of my plan is going down.
Any chance they're going to make their website "people who don't have kids friendly" and stop blending kids movie recommendations with everything else? If you don't like kids stuff, then rate it down. I'm an adult without children and I occasionally watch kids movies. Toy Story and Ponyo are a couple in that above screenshot that I've viewed and enjoyed. I hate horror movies so I just don't watch them and I rate them down or as "not interested" and not very many show up in my recommendations. Problem solved, and Netflix web designers don't have to create some silly "exclude category" mechanism.
This is disregard for DVD customers is rapidly becoming intolerable. Wow, you really think that a website problem that happens to result in you not being able to look at your queue for a night means that Netflix doesn't care about DVD customers? Honestly? You really think that problems come up and they're like, "oh, wait, the website only doesn't work on the DVD queue page, so I'll just ignore it til everyone unsubscribes or starts streaming instead"? You really post on a thread about "streaming problems" claiming that a page not found error for your DVD queue means Netflix doesn't care about DVD users? Are you for serious?
Try going to the netflix website, account & help, then go to manage video quality and set it to the best option and see if that makes it better.
I noticed this happen the other day (when I was reading one of these posts on Hackingnetflix, natch). I don't ever use 3rd party apps to mess with my queue, but I did just check my settings and InstantWatcher is on there. But it has to have been months since I've added anything to my queue from IW, if I ever have. I'm another queue-organizing-fiend. It's frustrating to have the TV show I'm watching most frequently run down to the bottom of my queue, and randomly new movies I add appear somewhere in the middle.
My AppleTV downloaded an update recently that specifically said it added 5.1 support for Netflix streaming. So I know that one does it. I would not be surprised if the other set top boxes like Boxee or GoogleTV do it as well. I've only really heavily used a Roku and a AppleTV. I switched from the Roku to the AppleTV because I decided to buy a season pass to Doctor Who season 6 on iTunes and wanted it to go to my TV, and the AppleTV can do this for me but the Roku couldn't (also, the cords I'd need to plug my Macbook into the TV were almost as expensive as the AppleTV device). As a user who really LOVES her instant queue, interface wise I honestly prefer the Roku. The Roku puts the instant queue up first whereas the AppleTV has a nested menu system where the IQ is at the bottom. And I don't really care for the nested menus; they just seem to take a lot of time to go through and I never find myself looking for a specific genre. Also, the Roku will automatically move to the description page of the next episode when you finish watching an episode of a TV show, while the AppleTV does not. I have to back out and select the next episode. However, the AppleTV does let you chose from different seasons in a nested menu which is one thing I like better about it than the Roku. All this makes me sound like I hate the AppleTV; I don't! I really like it overall and am pleased that I bought it. It does its job of playing Netflix and my iTunes stuff from my computer like a boss. I just like the Roku's interface for Netflix better.
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May 27, 2011