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David Gobel
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Thanks very much for your article! Another creative destruction of which you are no doubt aware: AI piloted aircraft which moots the pilot and lowers the barrier leading to game/joystick flying by folks who can merely drive a car. The Predator is *not* part of this group as it requires a constant comm connection, and an actual pilot on the ground. Instead, systems such as GlobalHawk and Skyraider from Proxy Aviation will allow low(ish) cost aircraft to take off, fly/navigate/adjust to conditions/land in VFR and IFR conditions, and even react to a goat wandering onto the landing strip at the last second during landing. This should/will create a vast and very much needed new industry (JOBS!!) to complete the Railroad -> Car, centralized/scheduled -> private/unscheduled/distributed transportation paradigm shift in/from commercial airlines -> private/zipcar-ed air traffic. this can increase radius and coverage area of travel per unit time by an order or more of magnitude, redefine "suburbs" and is deflationary for real estate.
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Jun 2, 2010