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I've been highly critical of newspaper management in the past, but I try to be fair about it....hence the need to jump to their defense a bit. The death of newspapers may indeed come, but while I hope you live a very long life, my friend, I serioiusly doubt you will live long enough to make that R.I.P entry. People have been predicting newspapers' death since the 1920s. Oddly enough, it's usually by former newspaper people. The fact is, local newspapers still control the majority of advertising dollars in all but a few U.S. markets. That is likely to change in the next two to three years as online advertising control the largest share. But there's something everyone seems to forget, and that's the fact that newspaper companies control a very significant chunk of online advertising -- one-fourth of it, to be exact. if you wanted to be factual about the chronology of newspapers you might have this as your next entry: In 2011, newspaper companies gained more share of local online advertising than they lost on the print side of the business, possibly ensuring that they would remain in the No. 1 spot for quite some time.
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Feb 19, 2012