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Interests: basketball writing blogging ... naið-a greek lexicon meaning truth.
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Nope! Not just you. Here I am planning my menu for tomorrow, and what did I forget? Green onions....*sigh* cee
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Ok. I gave it a solid C+. For me, the movie was long but still undeveloped. First, if all these folks are supposed to be so close, why is it that they know NOTHING about what's going on in each other's lives. You don't tell your friends EVERYTHING, but something like an emotional affair, I think would have been divulged to at least one of the girls. After two hours, the only thing I gathered from Janet's marriage was that she was greedy. There is NOTHING that indicated that they grew apart. There is NOTHING that indicated that he did anything wrong. In fact, Gavin actually seemed to be a pretty decent husband. So, forgive me for being mad about Janet's dramatic antics. Angela was too much. I mean, she was really over the top. But, unfortunately, that seemed like the most completed relationship story of them all - and to me, that's sad. Jill Scott's relationship to me was kinda crazy because, all of a sudden, they show him as this non-communicative guy that has his guards up at all times, when he was not that. To tell me that this is the first time she's ever seen him behave that way made me feel like they should have built his character a little differently. The fact that they made her such an angry woman was also a problem for me. I mean, she met this man and she married him. They have a child and a wonderful life of love (even though he has no job. And, why can't she work?). So, for her to all of a sudden start reacting to him and threatening to leave him, seemed forced. Even with ALL of this, the movie would have been a B- for me if they didn't have that final scene with Janet. IT.WAS.TOO.MUCH. High drama for no real reason. And it was created to kinda tie in the whole "we need to love each other and recognize that life is short" theme. But, I wasn't moved. All relationships don't work out - and some shouldn't. To say that we should forgive wrongdoings and just remain married makes me feel like we as a people believe that we can't do better. I recognize that there may be problems in a relationship, and sometimes they are worth salvaging, but I cannot help but wonder, at what cost? OK.... C+ for me!
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Mar 15, 2010
This post was well written. And, I can't agree with you more about the importance of taking the good with the bad. Regarding your relative - I certainly would not agree with someone painting his as a saint when he wasn't. But regarding Michael, I think that one must understand that, while he did bring those horrible issues to the forefront, most of what we know about him came from what others said - media. To that end, we can only deal with what we know, that he was a great performer. I was/am a Michael fan and I saw the changes and mourned about the decisions that he appeared to be making. And while, I choose now to celebrate the music, I am far from able to forget about the allegations and bizarre acts. However, as Janet said last night, you see him as an entertainer, but we see him as family. We must at least give them that respect - and in that vein, celebrating the good is more than sufficient.
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Luckily, I've never had to tell my mother something like that. But, I know that if I were gay and told my mother.....Let me rephrase: If I were gay, I certainly would not tell my mother. As a basketball player, I am in constant company of gay people (girls) and I know that when my mom has found out that they were gay, she's only responded in ways that proves that she'd never accept that in her house. Hmmm.
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