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P.S. How can the Church i.e. SNAP be infiltrated by itself i.e. the Catholic League and the Media Report? This is all a big show put on so the victims won't even be spoken about....or to. I am a compensated victim from L.A.Calif. and have worked around SNAP since 2003. I know of what I speak. I also handcuffed myself to Cardinal Mahoney's throne in the middle of mass. And did jail time for it. More time than 99% of the rapists and their pimps have ever done.
In case you haven't got the memo: SNAP is the Church created as damage control and counter-intelligence by the Dominicans out of St Louis. Please google Victims of and read what the victims have documented about SNAP's creation and it's treatment of the people they claim to represent.
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Aug 10, 2012