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Hey there, I've actually been reading your blog for several months now and quite enjoy it. It reminds me of home ( I'm from China). I just wanted to point out that the 'ban' in ban mian actually means to mix. The 'ban' that means board has the third tone and the one that is in ban mian is the fourth tone (if I'm not making any sense, just ignore that last sentence). In China, ban mian is sort of just a name for any cold noodles mixed with sauces and vegetables. One of my favourite is this ban mian we make at home with peanut butter, like the cold version of dan dan mian. Anyways, again great blog. I've actually just started a food blog with a friend based on the many different ethnic foods in Toronto, so if you have any tips or words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate them.
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Aug 5, 2010