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There are Three Ticking Time Bombs that threaten all of us. The first is the fuel pools at Fukushima. That needs fast action to prevent the loss of many millions of lives in a highly probable earthquake. The second is multiple nuclear plant meltdowns as the result of a surprisingly possible solar storm. Preventing that nightmare opens the door to rapid acceleration of newly emerging cost-competitive renewable energy that can supersede much of our need for fossil fuels - faster than might readily be imagined. See for more about the challenge and the opportunity. Wise action can save our lives, and our nation, as well as have a major positive impact on the economy and environment.
You may want to look at the post on Next Big Future titled If Rossi and Focardi can deliver. Note the box titled Ramifications and the last remark within it. "Total Replacement of all Fossil Fuels". That might end the need for more fracking.
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Jan 12, 2010