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In most cases, if you're asking the question then the answer is probably no because when it's yes, you already know it beyond doubt.. Entrepreneurship is irrational. It really doesn't "makes sense". You work like a dog, have to put up with more #$%, adversity, risk, and challenges than a "normal" person would consider reasonable - and take it all in stride. But if you relish it all, have a vision that excites you, and mostly a burning passion to build and create - you will do it no matter what the score card will tell you. And you know it is the only thing worth doing.. A related note: I believe social norms and culture, as mostly the values that come from home and role models, play a big role. How we grow up, what we learn to admire and aspire to, and how we shape our ambitions, perceptions of self, and define our own fulfillment has a lot to do with those factors. Investing in entrepreneurial education and mentorship, formal and informal, is one of the key things that as a society we can do more of to foster innovation and help the right people discover their entrepreneurial bents.
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Jan 5, 2010