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It's nice to see that SERA has FINALLY taken some of the historic nature of our neighborhood into consideration. These buildings do look to be appropriate for their location. BUT don't trust SERA. They will do whatever it takes to push their buildings through. This is what happened at the building on the eastern edge of Couch Park. The staff of the landmarks commission did not recommend passing the building because it was too massive (and too tall), yet somehow it still got pushed through. (A member of the commission-Peter Meijer-that vehemently fought for the building to be passed, and had previously been employed by SERA, later resigned when asked to disclose all his sources of income). SERA definitely will value engineer out critical elements of these buildings, as they have done in the past. Hopefully, there are enough members on the landmarks commission that are not in SERA pockets to keep these buildings appropriate for the Alphabet District.
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Jun 6, 2012