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Tim Gonzalez-Wiler
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What about a BWay version of one of the many films out there focused around the story of a country singer? Crazy Heart (Jeff Bridges), Walk the Line (Joaquin Phoenix), Country Song (Gwyneth Paltrow), all come to mind.
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Wow! It looks fantastic. I've liked Katharine McPhee since her Idol days. Glad to see her really shining in this role. I think this will do wonderful things for her career. (and of course wonderful things for Broadway as well). Ken, you'll do a post before the series airs, right? Thanks for sharing the trailer.
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Very poetic comment of the month, and I agree with the sentiment; however, in relation to whether or not to tape readings I would have this to add. Yes, nothing will ever compare to experiencing the majesty of the Grand Canyon in person, but it costs a lot of money and requires quite a bit of time for most of us to travel to the Grand Canyon. Show me some well-shot video footage or a photo of this wonder of the world and tempt me to cough up the money and the time to visit it one day in person. Maybe a little nod to the movie Field of Dreams could ring true right now....Tape the reading and they will (ok, might) come.....
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So, it's been about 3 months since this post (an eternity in terms of internet/mobile innovation). Do you have any updates with new Broadway/theatre apps? (other than your blog - I saw that post and Congrats by the way).
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Apr 15, 2010