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Thanks for an enjoyable post, Sean. It's especially encouraging to see you actually citing my book! I hadn't really thought about this before but I'd have a general and a specific response. (1) General: What is remarkable in the Synoptics is the degree of agreement between them, which is so much greater than anything we see in comparable works from antiquity. Our problem is that we are so spoilt by our our familiarity with them that we don't see how extraodinary the extent of the agreement is, and then we find it surprising when we see elements of disagreement or the absence of one text in another Gospel. The Two-Source Theory to some extent encourages us to think like this -- its architecture encourages us to minimize the extent to which any evangelist omitted anything in their source material. But even on the 2ST, Luke omits tons of stuff from Mark, including apparently congenial material, so our confidence in "he wouldn't have omitted congenial material" is false. (2) Specific: I can't think of anywhere where Luke talks about being saved from sins, can you? As you mention, it is always a matter of forgiveness of sin. One may as well express surprise that he omits the "ransom for many" saying in Mark 10.45. Well, brief comments on a stimulating post. Thanks again.
Great list, Andy. NT Pod too, perhaps?
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Nov 6, 2011