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This would be totally cool...if I had an iPhone. But that is not meant to be. Now the soon to come Windows Phone 7 Series...yes. Otherwise I will have to just enjoy my Netflix at home on the Roku
I do not buy discs anymore. I will pay for a digital download if I really want to own it though but otherwise,...waiting for a film to be released in another 28 days: inconsequential to me, at best. Streaming films as Netflix does is so much easier and... HEY LOOK! I don't have a wall or damn book housing 100's of discs taking up space! Fantastic. The less clutter the better. Goodbye discs. We'll miss you.... maybe. The physicality of it all will end soon anyway.
Netflix!!! I'm w/ T-Mobile and am getting the HD2. Sad to see that Netflix wasn't the option.
29 - short wait
I bought a used TiVo 2 from eBay for $25. With 180 hrs of recording capacity (at standard) I couldn't have gotten a better deal! Now...if they blow me away with a new state of the art device that, rumors have it, blows away anything they've currently made...I'm on board! TiVo rules. They do need to better their streaming Netflix capability though. They are the most underperforming device on the market.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on TiVo Event in NYC on March 2nd at Hacking NetFlix
Roku is cheap and it does what it's meant to do. Any naysayers, complainers and such need to realize..."Did you originally get it for extra channel?"...No you got it for Netflix. Period. End of story. Everything else added is only sweet tapioca pudding...or rice...or just insert your favorite flavor. :)
Put me in the "LOVE IT!" column. Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon OD are great!! TwitTV, Mediafly, Amazon OD, is definitley just more greatness. Of course adding YouTube and Hulu would be mind blowing, a vast improvement would be to have OTA improvements to the UI w/ better search capabilities in all channels (450 on Netflix) and the ability to add movies to my queue would just be outstanding. Bought it w/ expectations of only Netflix and it just keeps getting better. Oh, NHL and UFL (yeah I said UFL) additions would be fabulous also.
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Feb 3, 2010