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Ciao Amanda. Great posting, well said! We live in a bubble of sorts, with American jobs, so we have the best of all possible circumstances. Like you, I see (mostly) the good: generous people, beautiful weather, history, art, and OMG the food! And we residents don't have time to sip coffee all day either, not that my espresso shot would last long enough to read a paragraph in a book. Life goes on with exercising, studying Italian, food shopping and other errands, as anywhere in the world. I do enjoy approaching the challenges from healthcare to haircuts, and it is terrifically interesting to experience the cultural differences. (Loved your piece on massage for "The American!") The Italian perspective on so many things has broken down my "American way" view and caused me to consider different approaches, some good, some strange. The things I love most about Italy are indeed an integral part of the culture. The things I dislike the most are too: People who monopolize the sidewalk, the almost complete disregard for pedestrians, careless smoking, people who charge the bus doors to get on before you can get off. But the same person who will fight you to get on the bus, will go 10 minutes out of their way to show you how to find an obscure address. Truly there is no nirvana; Not here and not in the U.S. You portrayed a balanced perspective.
I know the feeling: Your list grows every time you cross something off! Restaurants, museums, parks, exhibitions: And then there's the rest of Italy! Una vita non e basta! Have you seen Villa Torlonia? If not, add it to your list! Buon Anno, Amanda.
Ciao Amanda! I am so excited to see this in Italy! Just caught the commerical this morning and marked my diary.
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Oct 26, 2012