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He was a wonderful man, and I'm proud to live in the city he loved.
I came here just to remark on exactly what Nicolle pointed out, that the Pixar stamps especially are just a big advertisement. Spiderman boxes make me feel "meh," and like Matt, I'm way more alarmed by the Amazon Sunday delivery business.
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That's an interesting perspective, Jeff, and one that I myself have wondered about. I considered that one could use the mourning stationery to acknowledge condolences received. It is interesting that, while often the Victorians are characterized as being "obsessed with death," the whole mourning process was much more accepted and considered normal than it is today. We are just expected to get on with it.... I don't know what I would think if an acquaintance wrote me a letter on mourning stationery, especially if I was not aware that he or she had lost a family member or loved one. I almost see it as an open acknowledgement of the fact that Things Have Changed and that, if the writer seems different, it is because he or she in fact is.
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I ordered a pen from and, when I tried to write with it, the cap wouldn't post on the back of the pen. I tried everything I could think of, finally checking the specs of the pen on their (incredibly detailed) website. It was listed as "postable cap", so I wrote an email to Brian Goulet. He responded immediately, and was so kind and funny about my strange little problem, encouraging me to send back the pen at my convenience. Once they received it, he wrote another funny email explaining how everyone in the office had tried to put the cap on the back of the pen, with no luck--even when they tried caps from other copies of that model. He sent me a new pen immediately, and offered to send me some ink samples in thanks for my understanding. I provided rather a long list of inks I'd been wanting to try, with the note "any of these would be great!" --and they sent me a sample of every one of the inks I'd chosen. I'm ashamed to say I haven't written my thank-you note yet. :(
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