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Great car for those who "know" or have had the pleasure of driving one for longer that 20 minutes. This has been the perfect city car for my family. We installed an EV charger in our garage at a cost of $1500. On average we drive 60-85 miles per day., so range is never an issue. After driving a gas guzzler for over 40 years, and seeing gas stations on every corner, it takes some getting used to an EV. Eventually, we learned that we drive far less than we think we do. Oh, going to Tahoe this weekend, rented a gas guzzler 4x4 SUV for this twice a year trip. Wish I could take the i3 after watching this guy drift it but that is not why we bought the i3. We drive 98% of the time in the city. We need to fit in small parking places. The i3 is so much fun to drive in the off the line, handles, and it super easy to get in an out of. We will be upgrading this year to a 2018 i3s and taking advantage of this generous "EV early adopter" discount.
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Mar 2, 2018