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liberals : always good for a chuckle!
me thinks that 'Chris' is talking double speak. Which way is it Chris, you HAVE no insurance or your just another jumping on plan I pay for with my taxes? And the ONLY time in 26 yrs that I have had to have my OWN insurance was I unhappy, and that had a LOT to do with a company that was fine in the state the company was based in, but NOT good for anyone in WI - we had NO MD's up here, hospitals didn't accept it, etc. So I canceled it and prayed I never needed a long hospital stay. NOW I have had the best insurance (and I do LOVE United Health) for many years. However due to BO sticking his nose in, and insurance companies are going to have to pick up those that will NOT contribute to the plans. At all. Our plans have ALL changed and we are going from $200 a month in FAMILY premium to over $600. Yes. You read that correctly. I cannot afford it. BUT my alternative is to be FINED by BO when they find out I have canceled my insurance I cannot afford. hmm.. so they will put me on the gubmint plan. NO THANKS! I will pick up another job to help with that extra $400 a month (and let me state for the record: my plan already COVERED my children til 25 if still in school but NOW I have to pay for it) I have to pay for my family. And since you have it ALL backwards: raising prices is NOT unethical. FORCING companies to COVER people who do not pay is however.
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Nov 9, 2010