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I always find those people who make those comments are penniless rescuers who spend most of their time judging others and trying to tell others how to run their lives. Many poor people I've met over the years lavish whatever discrectionary income they have on their pets. After all, their pets are sometimes the only valuable things in their lives.
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Avoid Chinese Pet products. They don't even care about the wellbeing of their own people much less American pets
What I see in a lot of the comments I hear from rescuers is the same. They throw out war stories and horrible events that they have undergone and put their stake in the ground. Sadly, there are creeps and opportunists out there but with well trained adoption counselors, this can be avoided. I have worked with some people who were closet hoarders and have been fooled. Most know how to dress and how to answer all the right questions to secure a pet. All of my failures paid over $175 per animal to adopt which did not matter as each of my fosters paid in the end. The point remains, you do the best you can with what you can and gain experience so as not to make the same mistake again. Fee or no fee, predators will get an animal..
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Oct 5, 2012