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Talkers talk. Doers do. His Excellency, The Prime Minister of the Republic of India, Mr. Narendra Modi now *holds* office whether you complain once or 10 million more times. I sincerely hope he brings peace, health, and progress to our ailing country. I don't really care about anti/pro-Modi people; I do care about pro-nation people though. I've always seen people pointing fingers are politicians for the tiniest of problems. They want "infrastructure", but don't want to use the infrastructure well. Let me give you an example. In my time staying at New Delhi, I have witnessed the worst public driving skills ever. People blame it on the government saying "the roads are bad, there are no street lights, etc." While much of what they say is true, the fact that they drive irresponsibly is never highlighted. London has narrow roads, but comparatively fewer traffic jams. Everybody follows the rules. The driving exudes respect. People don't throw trash on the street (most of the time). Do we really not have infrastructure? A traffic signal light is a piece of infrastructure, but why do the people jump red lights? My point is: You can make Modi the scapegoat to throw all your problems at and it would not be much of an achievement. Stop talking. Start doing. You can clean up trash with your tongue, but the hands can do a better job. Pay for that street lamp near your house and clean the area up around your house. When someone throws a plastic bottle on the street, pick it up and throw it in the trash can. I may not have wanted Mr. Modi to be in office some time back (it really doesn't matter to me who is in office), but he has to be respected now that he is in office. Cribbers can stick their heads into the toilet bowl. Do your best to help the country. Leave the talking to empty vessels. And above all, please relax. Thank you.
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Oct 4, 2014