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Gordon Meyer
Home automation and instructional design expert.
Interests: conjuring, sociology, technology as applied to everyday life.
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Yes! A surprise ending is a good idea. Perhaps if I return to the bar and find him reading my damn book!
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A friend pointed out that the manual states the door sensor is for indoor use only. I consider that to be a weasel clause inserted by the lawyers, as the unit is quite well sealed and won't be standing in water. (I'll knock the snow off of it when shoveling the walk.) Since installation it has survived 2 rain storms and one light snow just fine. But head's up if you're not as casual as I am about these sorts of things.
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Jun 27, 2013
Gordon Meyer added a favorite at Magic Words & Symbols Spotted in the Wild
Apr 23, 2013
Documented does not equal Open Source. :) UPB is proprietary, but it is nice that they've documented the protocol instead of making people reverse engineer it. There are some good open source controller programs, that's for certain. Thanks for your comment!
The Hub isn't shipping yet, so I would guess that many of the reviews you've seen are for other controllers. None of the home automation protocols are open source, so while your point is good, it's not fair to hold that against INSTEON per se.
It is not shipping yet, but you can order at the Smarthome website. Just click the big green "Add to Cart" button.
I like this! You said that you chose the deck, so was the original without or with a different deck?
Wow! This is very much The Fool. What an interesting discovery.
Every home needs a Fortuna altar.
A really neat image! I like how even though he is unmasked, he's still hiding his face somewhat.
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