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Gordon Aalborg
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Lisa suggested that Posting ones work for free can have advantages and disadvantages. The point is, Lisa, that giving away your book before your publisher has had any significant opportunity to *sell* the work seems to me to be counter-productive. To do so without even consulting the publisher is ... tres strange to me, perhaps ignorant and perhaps outright contemptuous. An author is supposed to be working *with* his/her publisher, not in direct competition. If the author wants to post a book on-line for free, why involve a publisher at all? Lisa also said: I dont see the point of excluding your friends name from this post. To which I have no useful reply except to suggest that the identity of the author in question is totally irrelevant to the issue I raised. g.
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Same old story, Kevin -- advice is usually worth about what you pay for it ... if youre lucky. g.
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