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Yuna appeared as though she just had run of gas. Her heart was not into figure skating at the Worlds. Before the 2010 Winter Olympics, I read that Yuna’s first wish was not to skate at the Worlds, and her second wish was to win a gold medal for Korea at the Olympics. I think Yuna went to the Worlds so Korea could send at least two skaters to the next Worlds. Despite Yuna's making so many, silly mistakes and Mao’s best, overall performance to date, Yuna won the silver with only 6 points behind Mao, a testament to how great "Queen" Yuna really is. As a fan of figure skating, I do not want to see Yuna retire at 19. But, for now, what Yuna needs is to rest and enjoy herself. Long Live the Queen!
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Mar 27, 2010