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I heartily agree with your review, Ms. Smith. I stayed up until midnight finishing Lucy, something I almost never do, and I thought it was the best thing I have read in a really long time. At age 63, I do not make such statements lightly. One point that I have never seen made in a review, or comments thereon, is that Mr. Gonzales revealed his game plan early on when he chose Leda as Lucy's mother's name. In Greek mythology, Leda mated with another powerful but irresponsible male, Zeus in the form of a swan. From that union, she gave birth to Helen of Troy, who later in her life set what were then the two main components of Western civilization at each other's throats. So too Lucy in our own time. Things like that get a lot of points with me. A reviewer in my own local paper, which shall remain nameless, labelled Lucy a generic science fiction thriller about an interspecies hybrid. I responded this was a lot like calling Macbeth a play about social customs among 16th-century Scottish nobility. If that's all the reviewer saw, it is no surprise he was disappointed.